Tuesday 15 March 2022

Antique Auctions Are Murder (A Poppy McAllister Mystery #7) by Libby Klein

When vintage items go up for auction, gluten-free baker and B&B owner Poppy McAllister discovers some people will pay the ultimate price. . .

It’s peak summer season at the Butterfly House Bed and Breakfast in Cape May, with tourists fluttering in and out and wreaking enough havoc to rival a Jersey Shore hurricane. Also back in town is Courtney Whipple and his family of antique dealers for the annual Cold Spring Village antique show. Courtney’s son Auggie has a unique piece he believes will fetch them a fortune if he can get it authenticated in time—a piece rival dealer Grover Prickle insists was stolen from his store.

Poppy and her Aunt Ginny attend the auction, hoping to bid on an armoire for the B&B, and discover a veritable armory for sale—everything from ancient blades and nineteenth century guns to such potential killing devices as knitting needles and a blacksmith hammer. Strangely, they don’t see either Auggie or Grover—or the mysterious item they both claim to own. Then during the auction, a body falls out of the very armoire Poppy was hoping to acquire, stabbed through the heart. Now, surrounded by competitive dealers and makeshift weapons, she must find out who turned the auction house into a slaughterhouse.  (Summary via Goodreads)

The Poppy McAllister Mystery series by Libby Klein is a must read !!  Readers will fall in love with everything in this series and will count down the days until the next book in the series comes out.  If you haven't started this series yet, I highly encourage you to get started.  You have some catching up to do but believe me it will go fast....

Antique Auctions are Murder is the seventh book in the series and boy, oh boy are you in for a fun and crazy ride !!!  But first let me give you a little introduction of the series and characters.

Main character Poppy McAllister has returned to her hometown Cape May where she has opened up the Butterfly House Bed and Breakfast with her Aunt Ginny.  They live there and run it with Poppy's loveable cat Figaro.  Poppy's ex mother-in-law, who is a handful, is partly invested in the B & B and returns at the worst possible times and expects Poppy to cater to her every needs.  Also Poppy's high school bully, Joanne, helps out at the B & B in the kitchen and the chambermaid, Victoria, is the worst possible maid on the planet ...... but they all have their charm and add so much to the story that you have to love them !!  Oh and probably the best part is Poppy's boyfriend is an Italian GOD who owns a coffee shop but his mother who owns a restaurant nearby tries to do everything to break them up.  And lastly Poppy has a way of stumbling across dead bodies and gets herself in the middle of the investigation no matter how hard she tries to stay away.

In Antique Auctions are Murder Poppy and Aunt Ginny meet the Whipple family who own an antique business.  Unfortunately while attending an auction where Poppy wants to bid on an armoire for the bed and breakfast, a dead body falls out of the armoire she is looking at.  When they find out that the deceased is Auggie Whipple and he was stabbed with an ancient vampire stake, a lot of questions arise.....

Courtney Whipple has two children from his previous marriage, Auggie and June, and they have been given the antique business to run so that Courtney can focus on his garden.  His current wife, Josephine, has her daughter, Tildy, from her previous relationship.  Unfortuately Courtney doesn't acknowledge Tildy as a daughter so there is tension there.  Tildy wants to have a baby in the worst way but her husband Spencer only wants to do whatever it takes to hit it rich.  June and her ex-husband also have a lot of tension and Auggie has a lot of secrets.  And there is also the rival antique dealer, Grover Prickle, that needs to be mentioned.  

After Auggie's body is uncovered Poppy cannot help but want to look into his murder.  Unfortunately the family has so many secrets and no one is telling the truth that she cannot possibly figure anything out.  Also she has an electic group of people staying at the B & B that are pulling her in so many directions that you will need a road map to stay on course.  Luckily Poppy is a somewhat pro in what she does so you just have to tag along and try not to get too close.

Readers will love, love, love, love this series !!!  There is so much more that I could tell you about, like Aunt Ginny's pack of friends or Victoria's crazy behavior, or the other cats that stay at the B & B who drive Figaro crazy but that is preventing you from grabbing your copy and digging in !!  You will really want to thank me for recommending this series but all the thanks I need is for you to get on board and grab your copy......

Review by Missi M.

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