Thursday 3 June 2021

Safe Harbour: The Sgt. Windflower Mystery Series Book 10 by Mike Martin

Welcome back to Sgt. Windflower Mysteries, where there’s always something good cooking and another seat at the table. Sgt. Windflower is on a special assignment in St. John’s and adjusting to life in the big city. He is navigating traffic, a difficult boss at work and what seems like an epidemic of missing girls. He becomes more interested when he discovers that one of the girls is from Grand Bank. Then a girl approaches his RCMP van one night and he is pulled into the underlife of the capital city.

Safe Harbour is a twirling, swirling mystery in the foggy streets of one of the oldest cities in North America. There are outlaw biker gangs and overwhelmed local police officers, who need the sharp eye and keen mind of Sgt. Windflower to help them cut through the haze and find the answers to the riddle of the missing teenagers hiding in plain sight of the authorities. A story of a man and his family growing up together with plenty of good food, old and new friends. Share the joy and heartbreak of living so close to the Atlantic Ocean.  (Summary via Amazon)

I am a huge fan of Mike Martin and his Sgt. Windflower Mystery series and I could not wait to dive into this tenth book in the series, Safe Harbour.  

Safe Harbour has a lot of changes in Sgt. Winston Windflower's life.  He has taken a temporary job in St. John's as a public outreach coordinator with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for a year while his wife, Sheila, returns to school to receive her MBA.  They moved from Grand Bank leaving their friends and life behind so that Sheila could get her degree and Windflower supports her wholeheartedly.....even if he finds the new job not to his liking.

Windflower and Sheila have a daughter, Amelia Louise, their dog Lady, cat Molly and they are fostering Stella who they helped when her mother died and fell in love with instantly.  They have a full plate when it comes to just the family but they work well together and actually make it all look effortless.

While they are adjusting to their new home and responsibilities, Windflower is drawn into a case involving some missing girls.  He has seen posters around town while he and Lady are out walking and it pulls at his heartstrings.  Things get more intense when he finds out how many are missing and all the towns involved.  And Windflower gets pulled in when one of the girls is from Grand Bank and they learn that the biker gangs are involved and its more than just missing involves drugs and looks like a biker gang war is brewing....

No matter what job Windflower has, whether it is for the RCMP or making dinner or getting the girls ready for bed or even taking Lady for a walk, he gives it 110% and in this tenth book that is exaclty the case.  Windflower cannot help but feel emotional when he thinks about the missing girls as he looks at Amelia Louise and Stella and he is determined to get the girls home safe and sound back with their families and the bad guys locked up where they belong.....unfortunately when one girl dies, it hits him hard.

I love reading these books and getting lost in the story.  It doesn't matter what is going on in the story, the reader will be thoroughly entertained and turning the pages as fast as their eyes can absorb the words and their fingers can turn the pages.  Readers cannot help but love Windflower and his family and his rituals and the way he is there to help everyone.  Readers will also love the family dynamic and the way Windflower and Sheila work together and how they complement each other and their relationship.

Martin does a great job of teasing the reader and hinting to where the story will be heading in the next installment of the Sgt. Windflower Mystery series and I cannot wait !!!

Review by Missi M.

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