Monday 4 March 2019

Cookin' the Books by Amy Patricia Meade

Cookin' the Books
Letitia ‘Tish’ Tarragon has just moved to Hobson Glen and opened a new restaurant and catering business, Cookin’ the Books Cafe. So when her new landlord, Schulyer Thompson, recommends her to Binnie Broderick, the executive director of the local library, Tish is delighted. Binnie needs a last-minute caterer to create a literary inspired three-course dinner for the library’s annual fundraiser, one of the highlights of Hobson Glen’s social season.

But there’s a problem: Binnie Broderick is a notoriously difficult woman to please. And when she chokes to death from arsenic poisoning after dousing her main course in hot sauce, Tish suddenly finds herself fighting to save her business – and her reputation. It seems that very few of Hobson Glen’s residents escaped Binnie’s disapproval. But who would want her dead, and why?
   (Summary via Goodreads)

Cookin' The Books by Amy Patricia Meade is a cozy mystery like no other !!  The twist at the end will leave you with your mouth wide open and you completely in awe !!  But that's getting way ahead of myself....

Cookin' The Books introduces you to Letitia Tarragon but everyone calls her Tish and her two best friends Mary Jo and Jules.  Tish moved to Hobson Glen after her divorce and is in the process of opening up a restaurant and catering  business.  Unfortunately at her first catering gig, the person in charge of the fundraiser drops dead during the main course.  And to make matters even better, Tish feels that she has to "investigate" and find out who committed the crime in order to ensure that her business doesn't fail before it gets started.  And to make matters worse, if that is possible, another person ends up shot outside the church next to where Tish lives and works.

Two murders and free food will get Tish into everyone's house and personal business, some more than you could imagine.  But you don't have to imagine, just read Cookin' The Books and learn all about Hobson Glen, it's residents and history.......  You will enjoy the stories !!!

Review by Missi S.

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