Wednesday 16 May 2018

Motto for Murder (Merry Wrath #6) by Leslie Langtry

Motto for Murder (Merry Wrath #6)
For ex-CIA Agent turned Girl Scout troop leader, Merry Wrath, planning a wedding is infinitely more terrifying than the time she was a mole in Carlos the Armadillo’s drug cartel. To make matters worse, while plagued by insomnia (brought on by diabolical details that include bizarre things like "boutonnieres") Merry and her cat, Philby, witness a midnight murder next door. 

Or do they? With her record of sleeplessness, everyone from her fiancĂ©, Rex, to her Girl Scout troop are questioning her sanity. And when strange incidents of arson start popping up all over Who’s There, Iowa and a mysterious woman vanishes, Merry begins to believe her neighbors are foreign spies. 

Throw in meeting her fiancĂ©’s odd twin sisters, late night visits with Mr. Fancy Pants—the King Vulture at the zoo—and a scary sleep study, and Merry wonders if she’s in danger of losing her mind…or her life.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Motto For Murder is the first book in the Merry Wrath Mystery series by Leslie Langtry that I have read and BOY have I been missing out !!!  I instantly fell in love with Merry and her two cats !!!  Motto For Murder is the sixth book in this series and even though it was the first one that I have read, I was not lost at all !!  Langtry gets the reader up to speed instantly and you fall into the story immediately.

Main character Merry Wrath is a former CIA-spy living in her hometown with her two cats.  She lives across the street from her detective fiance Rex and runs a Girl Scout Troop with her best friend.  And if all that isn't fun enough, Merry is trying to plan her wedding but her insomnia is playing tricks on her......or is it ??

In Motto For Murder she thinks she sees her new neighbors carrying a dead body into thier house.  And when she learns that a woman working for her vetenerian is missing, her CIA skills have her drawing crazy conclusions !!!  

Oh and Merry also meets Rex's twin sisters who recently opened up a Taxidermy shop in town where they dress up dead animals in weird costumes and weird settings.  And when she learns that the missing woman left her beloved cat with the sisters to have stuffed and hasn't picked it up yet, Merry is in full CIA mode......

Motto For Murder was such a FUN read !!  So many different things than most readers aren't use to that it makes for a fast read also.  You cannot put the book down because you really want to make sure that Merry is sane and on the right track.

Review by Missi S.

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