Monday 21 May 2018

Flowers and Foul Play (A Magic Garden Mystery #1) by Amanda Flower

Flowers and Foul Play (A Magic Garden Mystery #1)
Fiona Knox lost her fiancé and her flower shop—but when she flies to Scotland to inherit her godfather’s cottage and possibly magical walled garden, she may lose her life as well when she’s swept into a murder investigation.

Florist Fiona Knox’s life isn’t smelling so sweet these days. Her fiancé left her for their cake decorator. Then, her flower shop wilted after a chain florist opened next door. So when her godfather, Ian MacCallister, leaves her a cottage in the Scottish Highlands, Fiona jumps on the next plane to Edinburgh. Ian, after all, is the one who taught her to love flowers. But when Ian’s elderly caretaker Hamish MacGregor shows her to the cottage upon her arrival, she finds the once resplendent grounds of Duncreigan in a dreadful shambles—with a dead body in the garden.

Minutes into her arrival, Fiona is already being questioned by the handsome Chief Inspector Neil Craig and getting her passport seized. But it’s Craig’s fixation on Uncle Ian’s loyal caretaker, Hamish, as a prime suspect, that really makes her worried. As Fiona strolls the town, she quickly realizes there are a whole bouquet of suspects much more likely to have killed Alastair Croft, the dead lawyer who seems to have had more enemies than friends.

Now it’s up to Fiona to clear Hamish’s name before it’s too late in Flowers and Foul Play, national bestselling author Amanda Flower’s enchanting first Magic Garden mystery.
   (Summary via Goodreads)

A cozy mystery with a magical garden....that is a first !!!  And the story is set is Scotland !!  I love stories set in seems like if there is going to be a magical garden, it would be in Scotland.  Maybe it is just me but after you read Flowers and Foul Play by Amanda Flower you may agree with me.

Once you start reading Flowers and Foul Play you will be in a trance.  How can you not be ?  You travel from Tennessee with Fiona after she learns that she inherited her godfathers cottage and land.  And on this land just happens to be the magical garden.  However, Fiona doesn't know the extent of the magic and that it is linked to her, or actually she is linked to it.  

But before she can enjoy the garden, she has to solve a murder !!  That's right.  Hours after she arrives in Scotland she is walking the garden and finds a dead body !!!  And when it is found to be her godfather's attorney and the prime suspect is her godfather's longtime friend and caretaker of the garden, Fiona digs deep into finding the real murderer.  What a way to meet the neighbors !!!!

Flowers and Foul Play is the perfect book to get lost in for a while.  It will take you away to a magical place and bring your imagination alive !!  I highly recommend reading it and taking a journey without leaving your couch !!

Review by Missi S.

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