Tuesday 19 December 2017

Mind Over Murder: A Clara Callaway Mystery by Lillian Dore

Mind Over Murder: A Clara Callaway Mystery
A 1920s England Cozy Mystery Short Story 

Giles Fairweather had hoped for a bit of excitement on his first night at the Science Club meeting, but he certainly hadn’t expected his cousin to leap out a third-floor window! However, Giles is convinced his cousin was not himself, and was forced to commit this act against his will… 

With a prestigious grant to be awarded and a simmering rivalry between scientists, the stakes are high and the motive is clear. But who would go so far as to risk a life? Together, Giles and Clara Callaway take on the case, putting their investigative skills to the test! 

This is the sixth book in the Clara Callaway Mystery collection. If you enjoyed this story, please visit the rest! 

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Mind over Murder 

(Summary via Goodreads)

I have read all of the Clara Callaway Mystery short stories and I have LOVED all of them.  Mind Over Murder is no exception, however, I almost didn't like the author Lillian Dore.  Let me explain......  When you read books, short stories, or whatever form of literature that continues, you begin to develop feelings for the characters, the town, etc.  And even though the Clara Callaway Mysteries are short stories, they lack nothing and feel like you are reading a complete novel. 

Therefore when you are reading Mind Over Murder and when it looks like Giles cousin, Caspian, is about to die you FEEL it.  But let me back up.....

Giles, Lady Clara's boyfriend goes to a meeting at a Science Club to hear his cousin, Caspian, give a talk regarding his line of science, meteorology, in order to receive a grant.  Lady Clara does not attend as she feels it will be boring.  Boring to say the least !!!  Caspian gives his speech without any problems but when the next scientist is in the middle of his speech, Caspian gets up, walks to a window and jumps ! ! !   Luckily for him a canopy prevents him from falling straight to the ground killing himself.  (This is why I was almost upset with the author.....killing Caspian would have been very upsetting....)

Giles knows his cousin quite well and doesn't feel that he would take his own life.  It seems that perhaps Caspian was under some kind of spell....hypnotized ?  But can he prove that ?  Well with the help of Lady Clara anything is possible......

I love the Clara Callaway Mystery series so much !!  They are so fun and easy to read !!  With every new story you fall more and more in love with Lady Clara and her crew and the way she goes about solving the cases is a treat to read.

Review by Missi S.

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