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A Burning Hot Murder (A Sullivan Sisters Mystery Book 2) by Jenna St. James

A Burning Hot Murder (A Sullivan Sisters Mystery Book 2)
With only two weeks before Jax's new bakery is to open, Jaycee and the gang are hard at work finalizing arrangements. Unfortunately, the untimely murder of two Traveler's Bay citizens is putting a damper on the happy occasion. Even worse is the fact that both Jaycee and Jax are once again thrust into the forefront as prime suspects. When Jaycee's boyfriend, Detective Connors, is taken off the case due to a conflict of interest, Gramps gives Jaycee the go-ahead to work her magic and solve the case. Amid the chaos of serving up drinks and gossip at Gone with the Whiskey, cop car chases, motorcycle jumping, gang-initiation rituals, and joyriding in a Miata-smashing truck, Jaycee and the gang must once again traverse their way into clearing the Sullivan name.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Jenna St. James is the author of 2 amazing book series.  In her Ryli Sinclair Mystery Series her main character Ryli is a forensic photographer and with the help of her best friend Paige and her great-aunt Shirley, they "investigate" murders.  In this series you cannot help but fall in love with the characters and want to take a ride with them in Shirley's 1965 Falcon.  We all know that every family has that ONE slightly off the wall aunt, uncle or cousin that makes the family gatherings more enjoyable....just like Aunt Shirley !!

In her other series, A Sullivan Sisters Mystery Series, you have sisters, Jaycee and Jax, who live with their mother and their retired Army Colonel grandfather.  Jaycee and Gramps own Gone with the Whiskey which is a bookstore and bar that favors John Wayne.  Gramps lives and breaths all things John Wayne.  Jax is an amazing baker and she makes delicious desserts that are paired up with an adult beverage and sold at the bookstore.  Jaycee is dating a detective on the police force and he can't even keep the sisters out of trouble.  But no matter what mess they get into they ALWAYS have Gramps on their side.  Oh and to add more humor into the story Gramps girlfriend Tillie is a former contortionist and trapeze artist !!

It is obvious in her writing that Jenna St. James gives high regard to family and its dynamics.  In her writing she gives you different insights into two very different families and the ups and downs that can occur.  Hopefully in most families murder is not a continuous occurence and maybe your "crazy" relative is slightly more sane that Gramps or Aunt Shirley.....either way I'm sure you will truly enjoy reading these books.  Not only are they entertaining but they are very easy to fast you get through them is totally in your hands.......

In her Ryli Sinclair Mystery Series she has written 3 books (so far)  They are :
Picture Perfect Murder  (Book 1)
Girl's Night Out Murder (Book 2)
Jus An Old-Fashioned Murder (Book 3)

In The Sullivan Sister Mystery Series she has :
Murder on the Vine (Book 1)
A Burning Hot Murder (Book 2)

Feel free to check her and her books out at :

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