Thursday 4 August 2016

Homicide in the House (Washington Whodunit #2) by Colleen J. Shogan

Homicide in the House (Washington Whodunit #2)

Kit Marshall has bounced back from her first brush with the law, when she was suspected of murdering her senator boss. Now she is working for a freshman congresswoman, Maeve Dixon, a young Gulf War veteran representing North Carolina. It's February, and Kit is feeling out of sorts. A government shutdown has just been announced, wreaking havoc on the Hill, and Dan, Dixon's chief of staff and Kit's supervisor, is an inexperienced lightweight flying blind. Then there's Kit's distracted live-in boyfriend, Doug, who doesn't seem any closer to popping the question. Kit's best friend Meg is up to her eyeballs with her new beau and oversight committee job, and Clarence the beagle mix will certainly not win Capitol Canine if Meg has to campaign for him all by herself. Bad as things are now, they are about to get much worse. Early one morning Representative Dixon is caught standing over the corpse of Jack Drysdale, the Speaker of the House's top staffer, a man she argued with in front of the press the day before. The murder weapon was the Speaker's gavel. This item was entrusted to Dixon at the time, leading the police to believe they've found their killer. To save her job, Kit must clear her boss's name, and quickly. Dixon's career may be over if the police declare her a suspect or an anonymous blogger known as Hill Rat breaks the story. Solving this murder will test Kit's courage and all her fledgling powers of deduction as she roams a spooky, sparsely populated Capitol Hill looking for clues and sounding out suspects. Book 2 of the Washington Whodunit series, which began with Stabbing in the Senate.   (Summary via Goodreads)

Colleen Shogan has done it again! 5 stars to Homicide in the House. I enjoy this series so much because of the wonderful characters and storyline. I love how the author describes Washington DC and the ins and outs of our government. I have not had the pleasure of visiting DC but really want to after reading this series. The author does a great job making her characters believable.

Kit Marshall is now working for freshman congresswoman, Maeve Dixon. Dixon is a Gulf War Veteran representing North Carolina. Kit is excited to be back after being the number one suspect in the death of her Senate boss. That brush with the law should have tempered her investigative talents but we all know Kit and she is not about to let anyone innocent go to jail. Just her luck her new boss is found standing over the dead body of Jack Drysdale, the Speaker of the House's top staffer with the murder weapon in hand. And to rub more salt in the wound Dixon was seen arguing with him the day before!!! Kit now has to investigate and find out who really killed Drysdale before she loses another boss. With everything else going on, the government shutdown, her boyfriend no closer to proposing, and best friend sidelined by Clarence and her new beau Kit has an uphill battle to clear Dixon on her own. 

This book is full of twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat. It is full of excitement and fast paced action and intrigue. A must read!

Review by Penny M.

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