Wednesday 17 August 2016

Dying to Vote: A Clara Callaway Mystery by Lillian Dore

Dying to Vote: A Clara Callaway Mystery by [Dore, Lillian]

Journey back to 1920s England, and join young Lady Clara Callaway and her lady’s maid, Alice Hart, as they go detecting together!

When a Right to Vote rally turns into a mysterious murder, Lady Clara Callaway once again finds herself in the thick of things. Penelope Newton, spokeswomen for the Women’s Furtherance League, has been killed at the rally, her body found in a locked room. And once again, the suspects are outnumbering the clues.

As Clara, Alice and their chum Giles Fairweather seek out the murderer, they begin to unravel a tangle of ambitions and jealousies. A spurned lover, a political rival, and a would-be Woman’s League leader all have reason to commit such a terrible crime, but which one did the deed?

And so, with the help of the clever Alice and sturdy Giles, Clara begins to uncover the truth. But when she comes closer to the answer than she expected, Clara soon finds her own life in danger. Will she be the next victim? 
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This is the second book in the Clara Callaway Mystery collection. Be sure to watch for the next book, due out soon!
Book One - Dead by Dinner
Book Two - Dying to Vote  

Along with Dead by Dinner, the first Clara Callaway Mystery by Lillian Dore, Dying to Vote is very captivating and fun to read.  You cannot help but love Lady Clara and the ease in while she can somehow get people to talk to her.  

In Dying to Vote Lady Clara, her lady's maid and friend Alice, and "friend" Giles attend a rally on the Right to Vote for women.  Even though neither of the woman are eligible to vote, they are very much interested in hearing the debate.  

But before the debate concludes chaos erupts and fighting in the audience leads Lady Clara and friends to hide in an office until the police arrive.  Once the police arrive and it is safe to leave their hiding place, Lady Clara enters a doorway leading to a hallway where she hears a scream.  Giles has to knock down a door to get into the room and they find Penelope Newton, the spokeswoman for the Woman's Furtherance League and one of the debaters lying on the floor dead !!

Who would want to kill Penelope ?  Could it be as easy as the killer being the opponent in the debate ?  Or someone from the audience that started the fighting as a distraction ?

Alice and Giles are well aware of how Lady Clara loves to investigate so they are not surprised when she says she wants to visit some of the people in attendance that dreadful evening.  No one will refuse a visit from Lady Clara, granddaughter of the Earl, however, is that such a good thing when there is a killer out there ?  Can she ask her questions safely ?  Will she ask the wrong person the wrong question ??

Travel back to England in the 1920's for an afternoon or evening..... Ride along with Giles and Lady Clara as they visit and have tea with possible suspects and witness a time where things were changing for the better and life seemed much simpler......or was it ??

Review by Missi S.

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