Tuesday 31 May 2016

Death by Hitchcock: An Edwina Goodman Mystery by Elissa Grodin

Death by Hitchcock: An Edwina Goodman Mystery

Physics and film seemingly have few academic features in common. However, when local siren Bunny Baldwin, a student in the Film Studies Department at Cushing College, is found strangled to death on opening night of the Hitchcock Film Festival, Physics professor Edwina Goodwin puts on her detecting hat. Using her scientific sleuthing skills to assist her almost boyfriend Police Detective Will Tenney, the pair work together to investigate the campus murder. Edwina wants to know--why did the murderer tie a strip of film around the victim's head? Why did the killer time the murder to coincide with the showing of the famous Hitchcock film Spellbound? Was Bunny really killed by strangulation or did the unusual drugs found in her system suggest poisoning? Why do all the suspects have a seemingly airtight alibi? There are certainly sufficient suspects as Edwina quickly ascertains. The head of the Film Studies Department was having a torrid and practically public affair with the victim. His wife was apparently furiuous, but not enough to keep her from also engaging in sexual hanky panky. The victim had stolen a screenplay written by her roommate, Mary, to secure a Hollywood agent. Mary is out for payback. A quirky older woman who uses plants and other natural remedies to cure various ailments followed the head of the department around like a moon-struck calf. And, of course, there's the film department's boy savant who plays chess with Edwina and keeps her updated on the various players. Can Edwina use her knowledge of physics to unlock the strange features of this most unusual crime? When a second murder occurs, it looks like she may--if the killer doesn't find her first.  (Summary via Goodreads)

This book had me hooked from the title. Who doesn't love a good old Alfred Hitchcock film? I love them and the theme throughout this book about film. Especially my favorite movie, The Scarlet Pimpernel. I know it's not a Hitchcock film but it is a classic. This book not only had a great story line but awesome characters that were very intriguing. I totally had the wrong person pegged as the killer the whole time. I really enjoyed the mystery and suspense throughout. With a hoard of suspects and motives you have to be on your toes.

Edwina Goodwin is a Physics Professor at Cushing College in New Guilford. She along with her maybe boyfriend end up in the middle of a murder mystery. They end up at the annual Hitchcock film festival with Spellbound playing only to have it stopped due to a scream. They end up finding Bunny Baldwin dead in the ladies room with a piece of film wrapped around her head. Weird huh but there's more, she was strangled with it and she had homeopathic drugs in her system? Not only do they have a huge suspect pool because Bunny wasn't the most popular person on campus everyone seems to have an air tight alibi. What now??? 

There are so many things going on Edwina decides to put her Physics to good use to try and find a killer before he or she strikes again. No one is safe in New Guilford!

Review by Penny M.

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