Wednesday 11 May 2016

Deadly Homecoming at Rosemont (Wrenn Grayson, #1) by Connie Chappell

Deadly Homecoming at Rosemont (Wrenn Grayson, #1)

Historian Wrenn Grayson arrives at the Rosemont mansion expecting to receive payment for her services from the mansion's new owner, Clay Addison. That expectation dies when she and Clay find Trey Rosemont murdered on the foyer floor. Across town, police officers race to Eastwood University. Priceless Egyptian artifacts were stolen from the history department safe. Wrenn's longtime love, Eastwood professor Gideon Douglas, heads the department. Only recovery of the artifacts will save his career.

Life in Havens, Ohio, doesn't stop for this crime spree. Wrenn works for Mayor K.C. Tallmadge. He wishes Wrenn would stop searching down clues ahead of the police and pacify temperamental playwright Barton Reed. Barton's play is just days away from opening in the town's historic Baxter Theater.

Amid murder, theft, or curtain calls, Wrenn's instincts prove sharp. But it's her stubborn one-woman approach that places her directly in the killer's path.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Great start to a new series. Deadly Homecoming at Rosemont is full of twists and turns. It will have you gathering clues with every turn of the page. This is a nonstop suspense thriller with an amazing cast of characters. It is very well written especially the detail that she goes into describing the historical sites. Loved this!

Wrenn Grayson is a very head strong woman who has set up her own business called Wrenn Grayson, Historian. She even has her first paying customer, Clay Addison. He just bought the Rosemont estate and wanted all the historical information on the property. He is not only a friend but the retired Chief of Police for Havens, Ohio. She goes to the house to meet Clay to pick up her first paycheck and ends up getting more than she bargained. She and Clay went into the house only to find the body of Trey Rosemont a man that was already supposed to be dead? Things go down hill from there for Wrenn and Clay when Lieutenant Frank Elmore shows up with a chip on his shoulder and fire in his eyes. Long story! 

Now Clay becomes the prime suspect and Wrenn has to do something. Who would want to murder Trey Rosemont? Where has he been for 25 years? And why come back now?

To make life even more interesting and frustrating Wrenn's boyfriend, Professor Gideon Douglas is also dealing with the police. Uuuggghhhh! There has been a robbery at the University. Someone has broken into the vault and stolen an Egyptian death mask and jewelry that are priceless. This is going to be devastating not only for any further funding to the University but to Gideon's reputation. 

What is Wrenn to do??? Yep you guessed it she is going to do what ever it takes to clear Clay of murder and help her hunky boyfriend get the stolen goods back. But can she do all of this while a killer is targeting her??? 

I am excited for book two to see where the author takes the characters. There is some strong language and sexual innuendos. But it doesn't take away from the book.

Review by Penny M.

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