Friday 13 November 2015

Margaritas, Marzipan, and Murder (A Cape Bay Cafe Mystery Book 3) by Harper Lin

Summer tourist season is winding down, but the Cape Bay police find a dead body in the alley beside Mary Ellen’s Souvenirs and Gifts. Police rule it a suicide, but Francesca Amaro knows it’s murder. Who would buy a bag of souvenirs, including a box of delicious marzipan, only to commit suicide moments later? 
Even though the police tell her to stay out of the case, Fran is too curious not to investigate, even though she’s running a busy and popular café. 
Includes special marzipan and margarita recipes! This is Book 3 in The Cape Bay Cafe Mysteries. The books don’t have to be read in order.  (summary via Amazon)

I love this series. It just keeps getting better and better. You won't be able to put it down. The sleepy little town of Cape Bay grows on you from the first chapter. The characters make you feel like they could be your neighbors.
Dawn and Fran take Sammy out for a girls night to help her get over her break up with long time boyfriend, Jared. Little did they know they would end the night looking at a dead body in an alley next to Mary Ellen's shop down the boardwalk. The best way I can describe Fran is a new age Nancy Drew. She finds a clue and runs with it much to the dismay of detective Mike Stanton. She begins to investigate because she has a feeling that it may not be as easy as just a suicide. With the help of her boyfriend Matt they find out the name of the person in the alley. What would a seemingly innocent family man/Pharmacist be doing in Cape Bay without his family? Who would want to kill him and why? This latest adventure finds that not everything is as it seems in Cape Bay and you should be afraid of the shadows. This is a must read clean mystery that will have you wondering and shocked at the end.

Review by Penny M.

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