Wednesday 14 October 2015

Roped In: (Karen Maxwell Mysteries Book 3) by K.D. Hays

Her last clients fired her. Now investigator Karen Maxwell needs to prove she can be trusted to solve hard cases or she'll be out of a job. But will she ever be taken seriously as an investigator when her only cases involve a broken jump rope and a dead parrot? 
Karen discovers a whole new world when she goes undercover into the sport of competitive jump rope. Athletes dedicate hours and hours of practice to dreams of making it to the world competition—and some might do anything to win. Add a gym-full of raging teenage hormones and overzealous parents and it becomes even more difficult to discover the truth about that broken rope. 
Meanwhile, the parrot investigation gets Karen in trouble with the Neighborhood Watch, her daughter is developing a suspicious social life, and her son can't be trusted with the toaster oven. Then there's the whole romance thing—Brian is a super serious church leader one minute and then acting like a crazed adolescent the next. Is there enough caffeine in the world to get her through this? (summary via Amazon)

What a fun book ! !  Not only are there 2 cases to investigate, they are so crazy that you cannot help but want to read it to the end.  A jump roping competition where someone tampered with a jump rope ?  An insurance claim where she has to find out if the parrot was in the sunroom when the roof collapsed.  How does one even begin to investigate ?  Well for Karen she enlists the help of her 2 children, Evan and Alicia, for the jump rope case and has them taking classes so she can get close to the team members and mothers.  Unfortunately the daughters of the mother who hired her do not want to cooperate and its the one daughters jump rope that was tampered with.
Trying to figure out the parrot case isnt any better.  Starring at a photograph the homeowners gave to her of the sunroom as it was before the roof collapsed with the very expensive parrot in it has the proof in it but she cant place her finger on it.
Karen struggles with the 2 cases, her brother the "boss", her children's schedules, her new boyfriend Brian, and fitting in at Brian's church but she seems to do it ... somehow.  
K.D. Hays has a way of writing a story with a lot of things going on but the reader has no trouble keeping up with the story and pace.  You will not get lost reading this book but you may find yourself exhausted in a day of the life of Karen Maxwell.....

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing my book! I have fun finding the craziness that we all have in our lives and I love it when others find it fun, too.
    --K.D. Hays aka Kate Dolan