Tuesday 27 October 2015

Flipped For Murder (Country Store Mysteries #1) by Maddie Day

Flipped For Murder

In this freshly baked series, author Maddie Day lifts the lid on a small town in southern Indiana, where a newcomer is cooking up a new start--until a murderer muddles the recipe...
Nursing a broken heart, Robbie Jordan is trading in her life on the West Coast for the rolling hills of southern Indiana. After paying a visit to her Aunt Adele, she fell in love with the tiny town of South Lick. And when she spots a For Sale sign on a rundown country store, she decides to snap it up and put her skills as a cook and a carpenter to use. Everyone in town shows up for the grand re-opening of Pans ‘n Pancakes, but when the mayor's disagreeable assistant is found dead, Robbie realizes that not all press is good press. With all eyes on her, she'll have to summon her puzzle-solving skills to clear her name, unscramble the town's darkest secrets, and track down a cold-blooded killer--before she's the next to die... (summary via Goodreads)

If you read books to strengthen your imagination, Flipped for Murder is the book for you.  Maddie Day has a way of allowing you to open the door of your imagination....
Once you start reading the story of Robbie as she opens her country store / restaurant, Pans 'n Pancakes, and get to know the town folk of South Lick, you will feel like you are one of them.
The way Day writes you cannot help but see the store like you are actually walking in the front door and don't be surprised if you think you smell pancakes and coffee.  You will also feel like you know all of the main characters, like Buck the police officer Robbie gets to know all to well in the not so good way and Jim , the Real Estate lawyer who helps her with the paperwork to open the store who she begins to get to know in a non-professional way.  There's her aunt Abele, Phil, her dessert maker, the Mayor Corinne and Corinne's daughter, Danna who all in their own way are there for Robbie to help make Pans 'n Pancakes a success even though a local, Stella, is found dead and the few clues they have point to Robbie. 
You have local store owners Ed and Don who aren't as happy as the rest of the town that Pans 'n Pancakes has opened as well as Stella's son, Roy, who isn't playing with a full deck but seems harmless.
And how can we forget Birdy ?  The stray cat that adopts Robbie as her own.
All of these characters and the story are written so perfectly that you will feel like your nose can smell all the savory items on the menu as well as the crisp fall days, your heart will race when you read about Robbie taking her bike rides to clear her head, you will even think you hear Birdie chirp.....
You may even forget there's a murder to solve and a killer on the loose in this small town..... But don't worry Day won't let you stray too far away......

Review by Missi S.

This book was great. I loved every minute reading it. It is a first in a new series and I can hardly wait for the next installment.
You have Robbie who is the owner of Pan's N Pancakes in a little town called South Lick, Indiana. She along with a few friends are running her dream of restaurant ownership. Robbie is such a fun character. She loves to bike, drink red wine, cook, and do puzzles. She also has a handsome lawyer vying for her attention. What could go wrong? I really enjoyed how the author brought in her mother's character. She thinks of her everyday and how her mom would have been so proud of her and her restaurant. Her mom passed away about a year ago in the storyline. Robbie begins to find out some interesting stuff about her mom and the father she never knew. Who was he? Why wasn't she told about him? Who knows who he really is and why was it kept a secret? Robbie finds that there is more going on in her little town than meets the eye. On her Grand Opening she finds out that a man named Roy hates her, a man named Don knew her mom and dislikes the new mayor Corrine, and Ed resents her because she has opened a restaurant so close to his. If things couldn't get any worse she is the number one suspect in the murder of Stella, the mayor's assistant because she was found with a cheesy biscuit in her mouth.. Why would someone want to frame Robbie and why kill Stella???
I recommend this book to anyone who loves a great mystery with a ton of twists and turns, adventure, secrets, and of course murder.

Review by Penny M.

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  1. Thank you for the review. I have added it to my TBR list.