Thursday 2 April 2015

Audiobook Review: Death at the Door by Carolyn Hart

Annie and Max are back for their 24th adventure together, and it is definitely going to take all their sleuthing powers to solve this one! On the peaceful and tranquil island of Broward's Rock murder and mayhem is brewing. A local doctor, Paul Martin, is found dead and the authorities rule it as suicide. Shortly after a housewife is found battered to death. Her artist husband is accused of murder. Meanwhile the doctor's sister doesn't believe that her brother would commit suicide and begs Annie and Max to investigate. As the delve deeper they untangle a mysterious web that will rock the peaceful island!

Carolyn Hart is a seasoned cozy mystery author and she stands in a class all of her own. I absolutely adore her writing style. For those that aren't sure if cozy mysteries are not right for them, I always encourage them to start with Death on Demand, the first book in this series. She has a style that is intelligent, heart-warming and really pulls you in. Her books are not fluffy, and with Annie's husband, Max, running a PI business you get a little bit of a police procedural feel to them as well. 

Death at the Door is the 24th book in this series and Carolyn Hart has kept the same consistent five-star quality through all her books. Annie runs the the Death on Demand Bookstore and Max runs a PI business. Together they solve crimes and to my mind are the modern day Tommy and Tuppence. 

This mystery was interesting because we actually start with Paul Martin, prior to his death. We get a look into his mind. He knows something about someone, but the reader doesn't find out who or what quite yet. As I read my mind wandered back to those early scenes, and I tried to piece everything together. 

I love every visit back to Broward's Rock and this one was no different to the others. I enjoyed my visit with Agatha, the bookstore cat, and Dorothy L, Annie and Max's cat at home, and of course the bookstore, Death on Demand.

If you are looking for a tantalizing mystery this spring, I strongly recommend you read Death at the Door. This story will leave you for a longing for more adventures with Annie and Max, and luckily there are 23 other adventures!

I listened to Death at the Door on audio, with Kate Reading narrating. I've listened to several of the books in this series on audiobook and I really enjoy Kate's narration. She really brings these characters alive, and improves on a fantastic cozy mystery.

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