Wednesday 27 August 2014

Book Review: Death of a Dog Whisperer by Laurien Berenson

For dog lovers and mystery fans, there is a new mystery on the shelves and it is one from a long-running and much cherished series, the Melanie Travis mysteries. To those that haven't met Melanie yet she loves dogs. She's also pretty good at solving mysteries, especially given that this is her 17th mystery!!

With any long running mystery series, there has to be something beyond the mystery to continually hold my interest. Laurien Berenson writes engaging mysteries, but it's her characters that have me coming back for more. I love Melanie's sarcastic dialogue, her love of animals and her sense of adventure. Alike to a blood hound once she's on the investigation she doesn't stop until she has her man (or woman!).

I enjoyed the mystery immensely. Melanie meets Nick, a "dog whisperer". At first Nick is suspicious and not believing the hype surrounding Nick, but she soon learns that Nick knows dogs very well and when Nick turns up dead, she gets involved and helps to solve his murder.

For readers that love this series for a interesting mystery, adorable dogs (of all breeds and sizes, like Barney, the basset hound on the cover) and engaging, relatable characters, then you're going to want to pick up this one. It was a really enjoyable read and even my family of cats give it four paws up!!

Check out Death of a Dog Whisperer by Laurien Berenson on Amazon.

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