Tuesday 7 May 2024

The Matchmaker Murders: Season One by Catherine Gibson

What would you do if every match you made ended in murder?

Meet your new favorite sleuth investigator, Penny! Middle-aged, married, and quite the matchmaker, Penny has called the cozy town of Walnut Mountain "home" her entire life. But this quiet, Christian corner of Vermont soon gets turned upside down when one of Penny's latest love matches ends in murder!

The Matchmaker Murders, Season One, includes three wonderfully witty cozy mysteries you won't want to put down:

Death at the Double Date

Murder at the Movies

Poisoned at the Picnic

If you enjoy light-hearted cozy mysteries with lovable characters, surprising killers, and clean language, then Catherine Gibson's addictive new series will keep you turning the pages to find out whodunit!  (Summary via Goodreads)

With a last name of Matchmaker how can one NOT try to match their friends with someone to love ??  Well that is what Penny Matchmaker is doing in The Matchmakers Murders : Season One .... along with getting in the middle of her husband's murder investigations ....

The Matchmaker Murders : Season One by Catherine Gibson includes three cozy novellas that readers can take their time reading or rush through them like I am trying not to do.

Death at the Double Date

In the first story in this book Death at the Double Date Penny and her husband Alan are on a double date with Penny's friend Gloria and Edgar the gentlemen that Penny set Gloria up with.  They are at Fancy's celebrating Gloria and Edgar's engagement !!  Unfortunately when Edgar excuses himself to go to the bathroom, he never returns and when Peggy goes searching for him, she finds him dead in the men's room.

With this being the first murder in Walnut Mountain Alan is quickly promoted to detective and placed in charge of the case immediately.  Alan is determined to solve the case and may arrest someone Penny knows is innocent.  Penny is constantly warned off of trying to investigate but she cannot help it ... even though she has more important things in her personal life that need addressing.

Murder at the Movies

Walnut Mountain is getting ready for Christmas and what is a great way to do that than by opening up Christian Cinemas which is set to show Christian related movies.  Unfortunately on opening night while everyone is watching Keep Christ in Christmas and are unsuccessful in staying awake, the owner, Bobby Harder, is stangled in the seat next to Penny Matchmaker !!!

Even though Penny's husband, Alan, is the police detective on the case, she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation.  And with this case there is a long list of likely candidates for the murder ....

As we know Penny has a lot on her plate.  She is in charge of the children's Christmas pageant, she is a teacher in the middle school, she is always trying to match her friends up with their happily ever after mate and she has to convince her husband that she does not have a drinking problem and he needs to return home so they can continue their live together as a happily married couple.

Poisoned at the Picnic

In Poisoned at the Picnic Penny is finally getting the help she needs according to her husband Alan.  Alan thinks that Penny has a drinking problem and needs to attend meetings.  So that is what she is doing ... for Alan.  Luckily her church Hopeful Heart Ministries has organized Celebrate Recovery which is like Alcoholics Anonymous but helps all addictions.  And Penny also has a sponsor, Jessica Saxon.  Even though Jessica is a handful and doesn't know when to back off, she is helping the members of the group with their addictions.

Unfortunately when they are celebrating Penny's parents 50th wedding anniversary Jessica drops dead after Penny handed her some snacks.  So when it is determined that Jessica was poisoned, Penny is on the top of the suspect list and her husband is conflicted.

Even though Alan is the lead detective on the case, Penny cannot help but do her own investigating.  She soon learns that a lot of people didn't like Jessica and included in that group is Penny's cousin Patrick who just happens to be in town for the party.

Readers will fall in love with the three stories in this book. There is so much to love !!!  Penny and her crew are likable people that you would have fun hanging around with and Walnut Mountain is going to be a destination you will want to visit as much as possible ... even if it is only in a book.

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