Thursday 18 January 2024

My Old Kentucky Homicide (A Bourbon B&B Mystery ) by Gin Jones

From USA Today bestselling author Gin Jones comes three sisters, one corpse, and a whole lot of trouble...Kentucky native Jess Walker's big-city career has kept her too busy to visit her sisters and hometown. However, she relents when she's invited to celebrate her nephew's third birthday at the newly established Three Sisters B&B in the heart of bourbon country. The nostalgic bubble is quickly popped however when Jess realizes her family hasn't been entirely honest with her. She was invited not so much for a family reunion, but to help them impress some VIP guests for inclusion in a tourism co-op on the bourbon trail. Old resentments arise, and the sisters are at loggerheads immediately. But when one of the VIP guests is found dead, things only get worse. The sheriff is intent on treating the death as an accident, blaming it on unsafe conditions at the B&B. But the sisters know this was murder. Jess has always been the fixer of the family, so she jumps in to protect her sisters and their B&B's reputation. With the remaining guests and the attractive—and single—owner of the nearby whiskey barrel factory all suspects, Jess has her work cut out for her. And it turns out, she can't do it alone. All three sisters will need to work in perfect harmony in order to find the perpetrator of the Old Kentucky Homicide."Gin’s writing style and wonderful characters made an entertaining page-turner."~ Kings River Life Magazine.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Gemma Halliday Publishing has a new amazing series out .... A Bourbon B&B Mystery series by author Gin Jones with the first book, My Old Kentucky Homicide, out now....

In My Old Kentucky Homicide Jess Walker is returning to her home state to help her two sisters out with their new B&B.  Jess has not been home in ten years as she was building her career in Washington DC.  But when her sisters, CJ and Em, reach out that they need her, she gets in the car to go help them ... with none of them knowing just how much help they will need.

CJ and Em have opened up the Three Sisters B&B and are trying to get into the local tourism co-op and have found out that members of that group are going to be staying at the B&B and doing a surprise inspection and they need Jess to be there so that the Three Sisters image is true.  Little did they know that one of the members of the group was going to die and the cause of death means that any one of the rest of the group could have killed him.

The three sisters have to come together to find out who killed Mark Pleasant and save the B&B's reputation.  Unfortunately while they get to know the other members of the group, they soon learn that everyone disliked Mark and all of they could have killed him.  This does not make it easy for the sisters as they try to work together to solve Mark's murder as well as work out their own family issues.

Readers will thoroughly love reading My Old Kentucky Homicide.  You will want to move into the B&B so that you can be a part of the experience.  Jones knows how to paint the picture for readers so that you will feel like you are right there with the guests sitting on the front porch or the veranda ... you will also be able to picture the barn where the three sisters are camping in style.  And I can almost bet that you will not believe who the guilty party ends up being.  I'm sure you will have your own ideas on who killed Mark and why and I'm almost certain you will just as shocked as I was when they are discovered !!!

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