Thursday 7 September 2023

Life Without Parole (Angela Richman, Death Investigator Book # 6) by Elaine Viets

Fans of J.A. Jance and Lisa Gardner will love this exploration of the little-known job of death investigator in small-town Missouri where Angela Richman finds herself investigating the lives and secrets of the one percenters in Chouteau Forest. Chouteau Forest’s wealthy are being targeted by the Ghost Burglars, who’ve carried out twelve burglaries over two weeks. So far, there’s been no bloodshed . . . until Tom Lockridge is brutally slain inside his marble mansion during the latest raid. Angela Richman, death investigator for Chouteau County, is called to assess the scene and the body by Detective Jace Budewitz. As they investigate, Jace becomes obsessed with proving the Ghost Burglars weren’t involved in the murder. Can the burglars be ruled out so easily? Is there more to Cynthia Lockridge, Tom’s wife, seeking solace in the arms of the ambitious local lawyer Wesley Desloge? What about Tom’s long-suffering daughter, or his loose-lipped housekeeper or office manager? Everyone is keeping secrets, but whose erupted into violence that fateful night?  (Summary via Goodreads)

I am going to write this as if you are a devoted fan of the Angela Richman, Death Investigator Mystery series by Elaine Viets because with Life Without Parole being the sixth book in the series, you have got to be by now.  (If you aren't a fan or haven't read any of the books in this series, I cannot stress it enough that you have to start reading it !)

In Life Without Parole Death Investigator Angela Richman is called to the mansion of a wealthy couple in Chouteau Forest where Tom Lockridge was shot three times in the back of the head while sleeping.  It is thought that the "Ghost Burglars" are responsible for the murder as they have robbed twelve other members of the Forest.  Now they have escalated to murder.  But things do not sit well for Angela and Detective Jace Budewitz....they do not think that the Ghost Burglars are responsible and think that the young wife and the shady lawyer are involved in the murder.

Even though Angela is officially done with the investigation once her paperwork is filed, pictures are taken and the body is on the way to the Medical Examiner's office, she is always drawn to the cases and want sto see justice served....even if there is a chance that she could get fired.

In the rich community of the Forest death and murder seem to always be happening, whether it is murder or accidents, so Angela has her hands full.  Sometimes she gets to work with Detective Jace which she enjoys because he takes his work as seriously as Angela.  However, sometimes she gets called to a case where Detective Ray Greiman is in charge and he looks down at everyone and anyone lower that the Forest residents are guilty....even before they start investigating.

Readers cannot help but love this series !!  Author Elaine Viets will draw you in as soon as you open the book and keep your attention until you finish the last word.  And reading about a Death Investigator is an interesting topic and the storylines and characters will keep you engaged.

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