Thursday 10 August 2023

A Clue in the Crumbs (Key West Food Critic Mystery Book # 13) by Lucy Burdette

Food critic Hayley Snow and her pal Miss Gloria are overjoyed to welcome Violet and Bettina Booth, aka the Scottish Scone Sisters, to Key West. The sisters will host The UK Bakes!--Key West Edition. But the same day they arrive, the bed and breakfast the sisters are staying in gets torched.

The contest begins the next morning featuring three local bakers. One is the inn owner’s wife, Rayna, who is not only the most talented chef of the group, but now a person of interest in the fire. The next night, a dogwalker discovers a body near the bed and breakfast. The victim appears to be Rayna’s husband and the murder weapon points directly to the Scottish Scone sisters.

But the show must go on. In between filming sessions, the three elderly ladies and Hayley must search for clues to the brutal murder in order to find out who wants to force them out of the kitchen. But as they draw closer to the answer, the threats from a murderer grow closer too. Are they now in danger of getting baked off?  (Summary via Goodreads)

Whenever you begin reading a book that has food as an important factor in the storyline, it is always a good idea to have snacks handy....especially when you pick up a book in the Key West Food Critic Mystery series.  With this series you are guaranteed to read about tasty foods and even though your snacks are probably no way near what you will read about, at least you won't go crazy with hunger.

A Clue in the Crumbs is the thirteenth book in this series by Lucy Burdette and maybe the characters in the book do not know that it is unlucky number thirteen but I bet if tarot card reading Lorenzo was real, he would surely warn the others.  Lorenzo is a close friend of main character Hayley Snow and she probably could have used his insight throughout A Clue in the Crumbs.

In A Clue in the Crumbs Violet and Bettina Booth, the Scottish Scone Sisters from Scotland are in Key West to film a baking contest for the show they are hoping to launch in the United States.  Hayley and her husband police detective Nathan, along with their neighbor and close friend Miss Gloria met the sisters when they were on their honeymoon...yes they took Missi Gloria on their honeymoon.  So they were very excited to have them in Key West.

Unfortunately the bed and breakfast that the sisters were suppose to stay at had a fire the day they arrived and was closed for business.  Luckily Miss Gloria offered her spare room on her houseboat so the sisters were taken care of.  But then so many things spiralled down from there.  Their agent ends up missing, one of the contestants husband storms in when they are filming and has a big arguement with his wife and he ends up murdered and the murder weapon ends up being a knife the sisters brought with them, the contestants do not get along and makes for a hostile environment and one of the sisters gets mugged !!!  

Nothing is going as planned with the baking contest show and the sisters visit to Key West and Hayley and Miss Gloria are at their wits end on what to do.....luckily as with all the previous books in this series, they work together, and even include Nathan in some of it, and all will end well for everyone....well mostly everyone.

Readers cannot help but LOVE everything about this series. The characters are so lovable and the fact that Hayley and Nathan live in a houseboat next to Miss Gloria in a houseboat is awesome and Key West is always fun and energetic and the trouble that Hayley and Miss Gloria get into is always exciting ..... and a bit scary !!!  You will love the time you spend in Key West on Houseboat Row and will already be looking forward to your return visit.......

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