Thursday 5 January 2023

Of Mushrooms and Matrimony (A Tish Tarragon Mystery Book 6) by Amy Patricia Meade

"A charming cozy with plenty of suspects for the romantically inclined sleuths to winnow out'" Kirkus Reviews Starred Review

Tish Tarragon is catering for a wedding, but the weekend goes from sweet to sour when a guest at the venue is poisoned.

Literary caterer and owner of Cookin' the Books café Tish Tarragon is pushing thoughts of her impending eviction aside to prepare an appetising welcome buffet for a wedding weekend at Abbingdon Green Bed and Breakfast. While there, Tish witnesses one of the guests, controversial TV chef and restaurant critic, Gunner Randall, threatening staff after missing breakfast and making do with a mushroom omelet.

When Randall is found dead the following day, it soon becomes clear that poisoned mushrooms were behind his demise. With no shortage of potential suspects and motives, can Tish and her new beau, Sheriff Clemson Reade, uncover who was enraged enough with the unsavoury star to silence him for good?  (Summary via Goodreads)

If you are a fan of Amy Patricia Meade and/or her books especially the Tish Tarragon Mystery series then you are beyond excited that the sixth book in this series is here !!!  Of Mushrooms and Matrimony picks up pretty much where From Ladle to Grave left off.....with Tish having broken up with her boyfriend and landlord Schuyler so that she can follow her heart and start dating Sheriff Clemson Reade only to have Schuyler evict Tish.  Not only is Tish running Cookin'the Books cafe in the building but she is living there.  And her one best friend Mary Jo and her two children are living in the apartment above the cafe.

Mary Jo and her daughter move in with their friend Celestine and Mary Jo's son just started college so they are taken care in the living situation.  That leaves Tish trying to figure out where she is going to live and she is also trying to find another location for the cafe.

Luckily they are all still kind of working as Tish is still doing some catering and luckily they have a weekend long wedding event that they are supplying most of the food for at the Abbingdon Green Bed and Breakfast and it is a book related event which Tish specializes in.

Tish is also a consultant for the Sheriff's department and she is put to work when Gunner Randall dies from mushroom poisoning.  Gunner is the only non-wedding guest staying at the B & B because he is in town visiting a handful of restaurants for his television show Taste of America.  Gunner is not a very nice guy and Tish witnesses that first hand when she is at the B & B getting some things ready for the wedding and he has a loud argument with Glory the owner.

Tish and her new boyfriend Reade have their hands full interviewing people that did not like Gunner and the establishments that he visited for his show.  Unfortunately they cannot eliminate anyone from the suspect list and it seems everyone prepared something with mushrooms in it so they could have easily added the poisonous mushroom.

If you are a fan of this series you know that Tish always has a lot on her plate and no matter how much is there, she always finishes it.  So it goes to reason that this case will be like all the others that she has consulted on.....sadly she, herself, will be shocked when the killer is revealed.  

And, of course, the way that Meade ends this book will have readers wanting more and you will be on the lookout for the seventh book.....

And one final note.....Tish's other best friend Jules may be your favorite character and I cannot believe I didn't say anything about him in my review.  He is probably a fan favorite as he is the perfect best friend for Tish and Mary Jo.  The three of them have a great relationship and Jules is his amazing self and comes to Tish's rescue with something and readers will LOVE it !!!!!

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