Saturday 1 October 2022

Last But Not Leashed (Dr. Kate Vet Mysteries #2) by Eileen Brady

As the only veterinarian at Oak Falls Animal Hospital, Dr. Kate's life is complicated. Winter storms hit the Hudson Valley, she's swamped with hospital patients and house calls, and her long-distance relationship with law student Luke Gianetti is precarious.

And then Sookie Overman, a professional organizer, is found dead - and when another body is found, it's clear there's a murderer on the loose. Rumors swirl and suspicion falls on Sookie's husband. But Kate isn't convinced he's a killer, not after getting to know him while treating the family cat. Realizing she'll need more than old-fashioned hunches and sleuthing to crack the case, Kate teams up with Rainbow, a quirky hacker. But can the tech genius be trusted? Kate will have to trust her own instincts-and those of her beloved animals-to stop a killer in their tracks.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Readers will fall in love with the Dr. Kate Vet Mystery series by Eileen Brady.  Dr. Kate has taken a one year job position at the Oak Falls Animal Hospital while the owner takes a year long traveling vacation.  Oak Falls Animal Hospital is in a small town in the Hudson Valley and Dr. Kate is fitting in quite well....except for solving murders.

Last But Not Leashed is the second book in this series and Dr. Kate, her staff and the town are getting ready for the New Year.  Dr. Kate is also waiting for her boyfriend Luke to return from college so that they can ring in the New Year together.  She is also hoping they can get their relationship back on track thinking the distance has put a strain on things.

Unfortunately when Dr. Kate is invited to an organizing seminar at the community center by her assistant, Mari, the organizing presenter, Sookie Overmann, ends up dead outside after the seminar and Dr. Kate is the one to find her.  Lucky for Dr. Kate her receptionist Cindy is the sister-in-law to the Chief of Police and gets insider intel on things and she likes to share the information with others.  

Sadly when Dr. Kate and Luke get together to attend a New Year's Eve party things do not go well for them.  Luke's focus is with worrying about family members drinking and Dr. Kate meets a handsome artist that whisks her away on the dance floor.  Dr. Kate feels conflicted as she wants things to work with Luke but feels the relationship has come to its end and she is very flattered to be receiving attention from Colin the artist.  But before she can figure things out and just as they are about to ring in the New Year, a body falls from the catwalk....and its the cashier that Dr. Kate was just recently talking to at the Circle K.

Now with two people dead Dr. Kate is on high alert.  When the second body, Posey, is ruled a suicide Dr. Kate doesn't agree.  She also feels like the two murders are connected but cannot figure out how.  As she talks to people she finds out other things of interest to add to her suspicions but making it all make sense is going to be difficult for her.  And when she is getting close to figuring it all out, she is looking down the barrel of a gun and cannot believe who is holding it !!!

There is a lot to love in this series.  Readers will love the small town feel and that the people all know each other.  You will love the job that Dr. Kate has and that she lives in a small apartment attached to the animal hospital.  You will love the animals and their owners and the businesses. You will love the relationships that she has acquired is the short time that she has been working there.  I highly recommend getting our copy of Last But Not Leashed and getting lost in this amazing story.....

Review by Missi M.

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