Friday 3 April 2020

Murder at the Taffy Shop (Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery #2) by Maddie Day

Murder at the Taffy Shop (Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery, #2)

Cape Cod bicycle shop owner Mackenzie “Mac” Almeida and her mystery book club find a certain accusation of murder quite the stretch . . .

When your mother is an astrologist and your dad is a minister, you learn to keep an open mind. Which is just what Mac loves to do—exercise her mind by puzzling out fictional clues in the mystery novels she reads and discusses with her Cozy Capers Book Group.

But now Mac’s friend Gin has found herself in a sticky situation. After wealthy genealogist Beverly Ruchart is found dead outside Gin’s taffy shop, the candy maker becomes a person of interest. When it’s revealed that Beverly was poisoned the night Gin brought a box of taffy to a dinner party at Beverly’s house, she’s bumped to the top of the suspects list. It’s up to Mac and her Cozy Capers crime solvers to unwrap this real-life mystery. But this time they might have bitten off more than they can chew . ... (Summary via Goodreads)

Murder at the Taffy Shop is the second book in Edith Maxwell's Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery series and this series is a HIT !!!

The reader cannot help but love main character Mac Almeida, her job, her friends and her town.....and her pet, Bella, who is a parrot and a big part of Mac's life.  Mac owns a bike shop where she sells bike merchandise, repairs bikes and rents bikes out.  She has a mechanic, Orlean, and her brother, Derrick, works for her.  She owns a little house behind the shop.  Her best friend, Gin, owns a candy store on Main Street, they go walking most mornings before their busy days start, they belong to a book club that reads cozy mysteries and in Murder at the Taffy Shop, Mac and Gin discover a dead body on the sidewalk next to Gin's candy store.  

When they realize the deceased is Mac's parents neighbor and Gin's boyfriends ex mother-in-law, they become curious.  And the night before Gin and her boyfriend, Eli, were at a dinner party hosted by the deceased and it seems no one in town really liked her.....but to murder her ??

Even though they know they should leave the detecting to the police, Mac, Gin and their book club members decide that it wouldn't hurt to look into a few people to see if they can find the killer before the police.  After all they are just trying to make their quaint little touristy town safe. 

I love this series....there is so much to love !!  Once you start reading you feel like you are a member of the community and feel like you are there !! Maxwell has such a knack with her writing that your imagination wakens as you read the story.  And having a parrot in the story is a nice treat from the normal cat and dog side kicks....don't get me wrong I still love cats and dogs but with Bella.....well I'll let you see why a parrot is the best choice in this story.

Review by Missi M.

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