Thursday 23 January 2020

Shadows on a Morning in Maine (Antique Print #8) by Lea Wait

Shadows on a Morning in Maine (Antique Print, #8)
Maggie Summer is making big changes in her life. The antique print dealer has taken a sabbatical and moved to Maine to run an antiques mall with Will Brewer, her significant other. And she will finally adopt the daughter she s been longing for. However, the troubled girl doesn t want any part of the plan, showing affection only for the harbor seals, which remind her of her real mother. But someone starts shooting the seals and a young fisherman is murdered. Then Will confesses a secret from his past, and Maggie begins to wonder if this is the biggest mistake of her life."   (Summary via Goodreads)

Shadows on a Morning in Maine, the eighth and final book in the Antique Print Mystery series by Lea Wait is the BEST !!  Wait knows how to wrap a present, tie it up with a big bow and present it nicely !!  I cannot stress it enough or say it enough.....if you haven't read this series, I HIGHLY encourage you to !!!  I took the time to read all eight books in a row and I know it may seem like a lot but once you pick up the first book, Shadows at the Fair and read it, you will want to pick up the next book, Shadows on the Coast of Maine and so forth until you get to this last one.  Once you meet main character Maggie Summer and start hanging around with her, you will want to stay with her.  You will want to be there for every body she encounters, dead and alive, and you will want to get to know her better and everyone that she meets.  You will want to travel with her to the Antique shows and when she goes to visit her main man, Will Brewer and his Aunt Nettie and her best friend Gussie.

As you read this series you will feel like you are growing along side Maggie and everything that she does, you will feel like you are accomplishing things as well and in Shadows on a Morning in Maine, you and Maggie will be tested like you've never been tested before......readers this is your final exam !!!

In Shadows on a Morning in Maine Maggie has made the biggest sacrifice ever !!!  She has taken a leave of absence from her job as a professor at Somerset County Community College, leased her house to the professor that is taking her place, and has moved to Maine to be closer to Will.  Will purchased an old Victorian house that was an antique mall and is renovating it to be an unscale antique business and Maggie is going to be living on the third floor as well as working downstairs.  While they are working on getting the building finished and preparing to open, Maggie is also meeting Brooklin, a nine-year old that she hopes to adopt.  As in all the other books, Maggie and now Will have a lot going on but when seals are being found shot to death and a young lobstermen is found dead, (say it with me.....) Maggie has to see what is going on and find out why.

Wait clears a lot of things up in this final book (thankfully !!) and she leaves the reader satisfied.... Well I was anyway,  We are left with an understanding of how Maggie's life is going to go moving forward and even though dead bodies and murder are a part of her life, the reader is left knowing that Maggie and whoever is in her life are all going to be okay......and Maggie will continue to do what Maggie does best !!!
Yes I know I am talking like this is a letter from a friend and that Maggie and everything is real but that's the way it feels when you read a series, enjoy it and look forward to the next become a part of the story and you develop feelings and such for the people and places you visit.  

I encourage you to read this series as well as Wait's other amazing series, The Mainely Needlepoint Mystery series..... Two great series to get lost in and find new places and people to love !!!!

Review by Missi M.


  1. This sounds fascinating. Thank you for such a complete and heartfelt round-up of what is going on.

    I've read some of Lea's other books, but none of the cozy mysteries. I'm adding this to my list.

  2. Oh my goodness.. How have missed this series entirely?
    This sounds fascinating. Right up my book shelf :-)
    Now I am going to have to search this out.
    Some women hide clothes, jewelry and shoe shopping from husband's
    I don't have to hide my reading problem so much... Husband had his
    Collection issues I let him indulge in. It's just my fear I won't live long enough to read all the books I want to :-)