Saturday 9 November 2019

Murder on the Island (Belinda Lawrence Murder Mystery #6) by Brian Kavanagh

Murder on the Island (a Belinda Lawrence Mystery #6)

Belinda and Hazel find themselves on the island of Guernsey where they are invited by Sir Mark's mother, Melba, Lady Sallinger. Other house guests include her parents, a handsome interior designer, a slovenly bookseller, a Jesuit priest, and Catherine, a mysterious woman writer. Soon after, the residents of the old Tudor mansion are thrown into confusion with the discovery of human remains buried in the garden.
The priest tells of the Guernsey Martyrs, burned alive in 1556 for theft, and he believes a silver cup from that theft, is hidden in the house. One murder and a second mysterious death lead to revelations of past crimes that resonate to the present day and result in an exciting resolution tinged by the island's history of Nazi occupation. 

"'Belinda Lawrence is a woman who is highly charged when it comes to solving a mystery. She lets nothing stand in her way right down to entering other people's home without invitation. I like her independent nature, her daring maneuvers, her determination. Mr. Kavanagh did a great job choosing characters that supported and/or worked against Belinda. A good read filled with suspense and mystery.' " - ALTERNATIVE READ
"'Belinda is the type of heroine that will be beloved and leave readers wondering what's happening to her next. I know I will be.' " - AMAZON. Yvonne Reviews.
"'Brian Kavanagh has an amusing turn of phrase and his interpretation of the wonderful English mystery series of yesteryear makes for delightful entertainment.' " - AMAZON. Angela S.
Book Six in the Belinda Lawrence mystery series."
   (Summary via Goodreads)

I am a huge fan of the Belinda Lawrence Murder Mystery series by Brian Kavanagh and have to say that Murder on the Island, the sixth book in this series, is, by far, my favorite far !!!

Murder on the Island does not give the reader time to breath !!  This book should come with a warning label !!  The warning would read something like this.... " Please read the following Belinda Lawrence Mystery book in a well lit room, have a drink and a snack handy. Turn cell phone on silence and tell all friends and family you cannot be will want to read this book in one sitting !!"  You may want to stop reading so that you can absorb what you are reading but it will prove to be very difficult to do.

In Murder on the Island Belinda and Hazel are going to Belinda's future mother-in-law's house with a handful of other guests who include Belinda's fiance, Mark as well as her parents.  The other guests are unknown to Belinda and Hazel and they find them quite say the least.  Sadly, but not surprisingly, Mark is called away on business so Belinda is left to deal with her future mother-in-law herself.  Unfortunately when a storm comes in knocking power out it causes more discomfort when the housekeeper is found dead in the garden.  This is right after the gardener digs up the skeleton of a baby.

There are more questions than answers when the dark stormy night brings an unexpected visitor to the house and people are turning out to not be who they say they are.......

I was in SHOCK over a few things that happened in this book, more so than the usual shock in previous books in this series, and am very interested in how Kavanagh is going to take things in the future books.  Somethings cannot be taken back.....or can they ???

I highly recommend reading this series.  These books are very intense and can be read quickly or you can try to read them leisurely....I wish I could have but once I start, it is near impossible to put them down !!!

Review by Missi M.

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