Thursday 8 August 2019

Pizza To Die For by Lea Wait

Pizza To Die For
At fourteen, future chef Mikki Norden is ready for any kitchen emergency - except the unexpected death of her mentor, Mr. Baldacci. But Mikki's learned a lot about solving crimes from her mother, an almost-published mystery author, so when the local New Jersey police rule Mr. B's death a heart attack, she know she has to prove otherwise, even if she's a very amateur detective. 

Mikki grows up fast as she discovers secrets surrounding Mr. B and his restaurant ... and within her own family. 

Wacky characters and situations make this a memorable coming-of-age mystery for readers of all ages.   (Summary via Goodreads)

It's hard to wrap your head around the fact that Pizza To Die For by Lea Wait is being told through the eyes of a 14 year old girl.  While reading this story the main character Mikki seems a lot older than 14.  

The reader will instantly fall in love with Mikki who has moved back to her mother's hometown with her mom after Mikki's dad leaves them.  Mikki and her mom move back home to live with Mikki's grandmother, her mom's mom.  Even though Mikki is 14 years old, she has never met her grandmother before.  So while Mikki is dealing with her parents seperation, living with the grandmother that she hardly knows, going to a school where no one talks to her, her love for cooking has helped her cope with it all.  And she is friends with Mr. B who just happens to own an italian restaurant and he treats her like family......

Family is a BIG deal in Mikki's new neighborhood and she doesn't find out just how important it is until Mr. B dies.....and Mikki and her new friend Richard find him !!!  The cops rule it a heart attack but Mikki knows he didn't die from natural causes......why is that ? Because Mikki's mom is obsessed with writing murder mystery books (they haven't been published yet....) and Mikki recognizes the signs of poisoning.

Even though Mikki is dealing with more than the average teenager, she is anything but average and she is determined to prove that Mr. B was poisoned and find out who did it !!!  Luckily she has the help of Richard, her one true friend in her life.

Wait takes the reader away with Pizza To Die will get so lost in the story that you will forget everything around you as you focus on Mikki and her life.  You will love Mikki and her new life in Jersey with her extended family and will be right along side her as she solves the murder of her dear friend.....again forgetting that the girl is only 14 years old  !!!!

Review by Missi M.

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