Thursday 13 December 2018

Just an Old-Fashioned Murder (Ryli Sinclair Mystery #3) by Jenna St. James

Just an Old-Fashioned Murder (Ryli Sinclair Mystery #3)

The madcap duo of Ryli and Aunt Shirley have teamed up for yet another heartily humorous adventure in the town of Granville in the latest rollicking tale by author Jenna St. James. 

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Ryli Sinclair is in need of a front-page story for the Granville Gazette. Thankfully, it looks like Oak Grove Manor, the assisted living facility where Aunt Shirley lives, is just the hot bed of activity Ryli needs for a great story. Unfortunately, before Ryli can dig in too deep, Aunt Shirley is kicked out of the Manor for typical Aunt Shirley behavior. Now Ryli has no choice but to let Aunt Shirley stay with her. 
When the discovery of a dead body at the Manor leads to a murder investigation, there is a silver lining for Ryli. Aunt Shirley will be allowed back at Oak Grove Manor when the murder gets solved. Between being chased by killer Chihuahuas, jumping out of two-story windows, and getting schnockered with the old ladies across the hall, Ryli and Aunt Shirley must track down the killer before bodies start to pile up at Oak Grove Manor. Can Ryli and Aunt Shirley apprehend the killer and get Aunt Shirley back in the Manor, or will Aunt Shirley’s time be up…in more ways than one?     (Summary via Goodreads)

Ryli Sinclair is an amazing person !! She has to be to constantly have to deal with her great-aunt Shirley.  Ryli is the main character in the Ryli Sinclair Mystery series by Jenna St. James and she is always teaming up with her Aunt Shirley whether she wants to or not and whether she likes it or not !!   Either way it always ends up being very entertaining and always ends far.

Just an Old-Fashioned Murder is the third book in this series and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I read it within 24 hours.....once you start reading you will relax and get lost in the story and before you know it you will feel like you are riding along side Paige (Ryli's best friend and brother's wife) in the back seat of the Falcon.  Sorry Aunt Shirley will not let you ride in the front.  

Just an Old-Fashioned Murder introduces you to Oak Grove Manor, it's residents and workers.  Oak Grove Manor is the assisted living facility that Aunt Shirley was forced to move into when it was ruled that she couldn't be trusted to live alone any more.  Yes ruled by Ryli's boyfriend Garrett who is the Chief of Police.  However Aunt Shirley doesn't obey rules very well and gets "temporarily" kicked out of the Manor.   So Aunt Shirley moves in with Ryli and before anyone can fix Aunt Shirley's behavior for getting kicked out one of her neighbors is found dead !!  

Of course Ryli and Aunt Shirley have to get to the bottom of things even though Garrett constantly tells them to stay out of it.  Aunt Shirley and Ryli have different reasons for wanting to solve the case and even though Aunt Shirley drives her crazy, Ryli and her work good as a team when it comes to murder !!

I LOVED getting to know the residents at the Manor and always love hanging around Ryli and her crazy aunt....  St. James has written this series so well that its hard to believe they are not real.  When you finish reading any of these books, you will feel like you have a whole new set of friends and a new place to go visit.....even if its just sitting on your couch reading.

Review by Missi S.

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