Monday, 19 November 2018

Bloody Ham (Belinda Lawrence Murder Mystery #3) by Brian Kavanagh

Bloody Ham (a Belinda Lawrence Mystery)

The third adventure for Belinda and Hazel continuing the pace and humour that readers have come to acknowledge and appreciate. 
Excitement and tension begin on the first day of filming a Restoration drama on location at the historic Jacobean mansion, Ham House in Surrey when one of the leading players collapses and dies. With the death ruled non-accidental the director, producer and members of the cast are all suspects. 
An award winning Hollywood star is brought in to replace the dead actor and Belinda is employed as her stand-in. When another member of the crew is found stabbed to death, Belinda is forced to prove her innocence. In all this tumult, Belinda finds herself torn between her longtime English lover, Mark and the energetic and exuberant Australian, Brad she met again on a trip to Australia.  (Summary via Goodreads)

After reading books one through three of the Belinda Lawrence Mystery series I have to admit that the third book Bloody Ham is my far.

As Bloody Ham is the third book and I have read it and the previous two I have come to know and love Belinda and her friend Hazel.  I have grown to love the area as well.  However in Bloody Ham the reader is taken away from Belinda's adorable cottage and Hazel's antique business to the setting of a movie.  They are drawn to the movie set because some of Hazel's antiques are being used in some of the scenes.

Bloody Ham also takes the reader away from Belinda's love interest Mark who if you are a fan of the books, you are a fan of Mark and his commitment to Belinda.  We are, however, introduced to an old friend of Belinda's from Austrialia, Brad.  You cannot help by like Brad for reasons different than those of liking Mark.

So much to love about Bloody Ham and I haven't even mentioned murder yet !!

While on the set an actress dies and while at first they think it is an accident, Belinda and crew uncover that it is murder.  But before they can find out who actually committed the crime another member of the crew is found dead.  This time evidence points at Belinda !!!

If you haven't read any of these great books by Brian Kavanagh, I highly encourage you to do so !!!  There are so many things to fall in love with and enjoy !!  One thing is that these books are so easy to read, you can get lost for an afternoon and read an entire book !!  You can get lost in the book but not lose a lot of time !!!

I for one cannot wait to pick up the next book in this series.....especially as Kavanagh leaves Belinda with an answer to a very important question from Mark.... I NEED to know what she says !!!!

Review by Missi S.

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