Tuesday 11 April 2017

Fixin' To Die (Kenni Lowry #1) by Tonya Kappes

Fixin' To Die (Kenni Lowry #1)

Kenni Lowry likes to think the zero crime rate in Cottonwood, Kentucky is due to her being sheriff, but she quickly discovers the ghost of her grandfather, the town’s previous sheriff, has been scaring off any would-be criminals since she was elected. When the town’s most beloved doctor is found murdered on the very same day as a jewelry store robbery, and a mysterious symbol ties the crime scenes together, Kenni must satisfy her hankerin’ for justice by nabbing the culprits. 

With the help of her Poppa, a lone deputy, and an annoyingly cute, too-big-for-his-britches State Reserve officer, Kenni must solve both cases and prove to the whole town, and herself, that she’s worth her salt before time runs out.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Cottonwood, Kentucky population is small and quiet with little to no crime, what more could you ask for??? Now Sheriff Kenni Lowry thought the same thing until the town Dr is murdered! The town is in an uproar and wants this murder solved yesterday. They decide to bring in a very handsome Reserve Officer named Finn who quite frankly is annoying Kenni. She doesn't want anyone to know that she is feeling overwhelmed. Then the jewelry store in town is robbed and Kenni is convinced they are connected especially thanks to her grandfathers ghost whispering in her ear. Poppa was the Sheriff for years before he pasted.

Kenni wants to prove not only to herself but the town that she is able to bring a killer to justice.

This is the first book in a new series by Tonya Kappes. I am a good ole southern gal myself and love the town and characters of Cottonwood, Kentucky. Looking forward to more in this new series.

Review by Penny M.

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