Sunday 11 September 2016

Stripped Bare by Shannon Baker

Stripped Bare

Kate Fox is living the dream. She’s married to Grand County Sheriff Ted Conner, the heir to her beloved Nebraska Sandhills cattle ranch, where they live with Kate’s orphaned teenage niece, Carly. With the support of the well-connected Fox Clan, which includes Kate’s eight boisterous and interfering siblings, Ted’s reelection as Grand County Sheriff is virtually assured. That leaves Kate to the solitude and satisfaction of Frog Creek, her own slice of heaven.

One night Kate answers a shattering phone call from Roxy at the Bar J. Carly’s granddad Eldon, owner of the ranch, is dead and Ted has been shot and may never walk again. Kate vows to find the killer. She soon discovers Ted responded so quickly to the scene because he was already at the Bar J . . . in Roxy’s bed. And to add to her woes, Carly has gone missing.

Kate finds out that Eldon was considering selling his ranch to an obscenely rich environmentalist. Some in town hate the idea of an outsider buying up land, others are desperate to sell . . . and some might kill to get their way. As she becomes the victim of several “accidents,” Kate knows she must find the killer before it’s too late. . . .  (Summary via Goodreads)

All Kate wants to do is work the ranch taking care of the new calves, help her husband get re-elected as Sheriff and be there for her niece Carly.  But in one night everything changes ! !  Carly's grandfather, Eldon, is murdered, Ted is also shot and Carly is gone.

Now Kate needs to find Carly and find out who killed Eldon and shot Ted.  Unfortunately while she is doing her own investigating she uncovers some secrets that change how she feels towards the man she has loved forever.  How can she prove his innocence when the whole town knows the secret and the last person she wants anything to do with who has the power to destroy everything wants to team up with her in the investigating ?

Stripped Bare, A Kate Fox Mystery, by Shannon Baker takes you to a place far into the country where the cows outnumber the townfolk and daily life is hard work but as long as your family has your back, you can handle anything !!! 

Review by Missi S.

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