Thursday 25 February 2016

When Bunnies Go Bad: A Pru Marlowe Pet Noir by Clea Simon

When Bunnies Go Bad: A Pru Marlowe Pet Noir

Winter is hard in Beauville, where the melting snow can reveal much more than last season s dead leaves. So when a wealthy, obnoxious tourist and his ski bunny girlfriend surface in Pru Marlowe s little Berkshire town, she knows she should stay out of their way. The bad-girl animal psychic has to focus on more immediate concerns, including a wild rabbit named Henry, supposedly tamed and illegally living with an eighty-four-year-old lady in her home. Henry, who seems to be acting out and hiding, avoids responding to Pru. Yet when Pru discovers the tourist murdered and his girlfriend s high-maintenance spaniel falls to her care, she gets dragged into a complicated case of crime and punishment that involves some new friends, an old nemesis, and her own shadowed past. A recent museum art heist draws the feds into the investigation along with a courtly gentleman radiating menace, who represents secretive business interests in New York and shows a surprising awareness of Pru. Her on-again, off-again romance with police Detective Creighton doesn t stop him from warning her to steer clear of the inquiry. The spaniel, however, lures her in. Pru lives in a world where only her crotchety tabby Wallis knows the whole truth about her past, her flight from Manhattan, and her unique gift that surfaced abruptly one day. Fearing the worst, Pru now comes dangerously close to being exposed. With everything in motion, Pru, Wallis, and everyone they hold dear will be lucky to escape by a hare. ( Summary via Goodreads )

Pru Marlowe is an great character. I love this series and I am always excited to know when a new one is coming out. I have read book five and now six and I am eager to go back to the beginning of the series. 

The character of Pru is fun and love seeing what she is going to get into next! She has a unique gift of being able to hear animals speak. Ironically her business keeps her busy with her gift as well as gets her in trouble. She ends up finding a dead guy and is getting all kinds of messages from her cat Wallis and a dog named Pudge who happens to be the dead guy's girlfriends. And along the way she gets an interesting client by the name of Henry who is an Eastern Cottontail wild rabbit. What a job! But of course all the clues are not so simple to figure out from her four legged friends. Although she can hear animals speak it is different, they give her feelings instead of full sentences like you and I would communicate. YIKES! 

This is where the fun begins. She has a lot going on right now and her boyfriend Detective Creighton is telling her to back off! She can't because she is in the middle of it whether she likes it or not because of her new client and her dog, Pudgy. 

Will Pru be able to get out of this one or will this be her last dog walk??? 

This is a great cozy series and recommend it to all who love a challenging who done it.

Review by Penny M.

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