Sunday 24 January 2016

Bun for Your Life (A Bread and Batter Mystery) by Karoline Barrett

Two bakery owners get mixed up with murder in the first adventure in the all-new Bread and Batter Mystery series...
As the co-owners of Bread and Batter Bakery in Destiny, New York, Molly Tyler and Olivia Williams have plenty on their plates. Molly is recently divorced and looking for a place to live, but they’re also both preparing for Destiny’s annual Apple Harvest Fair. The bakery has a booth where they’ll be selling not only delicious cupcakes and cider doughnuts, but also tote bags and t-shirts emblazoned with the bakery’s logo.
Tensions rise at the fair when local orchard owner Calista Danforth discovers organizers have assigned her usual booth to Bread and Batter. Although a heated argument ensues between her and Molly, the bakery manages to rake in lots of dough. But when Calista is found strangled to death with one of their t-shirts, Molly is named the prime suspect. Now these two friends must whip up some answers quickly before the future of their business crumbles...

Once you begin reading Bun for Your Life you are going to want to move to Destiny, New York.  How can you not fall in love with Molly and her one best friend, Olivia, who co-own a bakery which is right on the main street with all the other quaint shops ?  A few doors down from Bread & Batter Bakery is their other best friend Emily's bookstore, Barking Mad Books.They even have a famous author taking up residence in Destiny who gives talks regularly at the bookstore and the library.  

Molly's mother runs the library, Molly is still friends with her ex-husband, Brian, and his parents and grandmother.  Molly even moves into an apartment in an old Victoria style house with a wonderful land lady, Dottie, who treats her like shes family. And Molly finds out that  the new, hot detective, Sean, is also a tenant of Dottie's.   Everyone knows everybody and things are usually nice and quiet.

That is until Calista, owner of one of the local apple orchard's is found murdered and one of Bread & Batter Bakery's t-shirt was used in the murder.  Molly knows that neither Olivia or herself murdered Calista even though Detective Sean keeps questioning her.  There were other people that she can think of that would have wanted Calista out of the way.  But once Molly starts doing her own research and she is determined that she knows who the murderer is, she keeps getting deeper and deeper into the research and cannot believe what she uncovers.

You must read Bun for Your Life !  Even though there is a murderer on the loose, you will still fall in love with the quaint little town and the people.  And when Molly discovers who murdered Calista and why it will blow your mind !!!!

Reviewed by Missi S.


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  1. Love the title! This new series sounds intriguing.