Sunday 27 December 2015

The Final Tap ( Living History Museum, #2 ) by Amanda Flower

The Final Tap (Living History Museum, #2)

March on Barton Farm can only mean one thing: maple sugar season. To combat the winter slump, resilient director Kelsey Cambridge organizes a Maple Sugar Festival, complete with school visits, pancake breakfasts, and tree tapping classes. Kelsey hires curmudgeonly maple sugar expert Dr. Conrad Beeson to teach the classes, despite misgivings over his unpleasant demeanor. It's a decision she ends up regretting when, before the first tree can be tapped for sap, Dr. Beeson turns up dead.

The maple sugar expert's death threatens to shut down not only the Maple Sugar Festival, but also Barton Farm itself. Kelsey must solve Dr. Beeson's murder to escape the increasingly sticky situation. (Summary via Goodreads)

I absolutely love this series. This is the second book in the Living History Museum series which takes place in my old stomping grounds of Ohio. I had fun learning about maple syrup and the little known fact that Ohio is the fifth largest syrup producer in the United States. And that it had an impact during the Civil War. I love history! I know this is why I can't put these books down. You have not only a great mystery and some romance but you have tons of history and suspense. This makes the perfect book.
In this book you have Kelsey mixed up in another murder at Barton Farm. It just so happens that the first Maple Sugar Festival is taking place at the same time and the lead instructor, Dr. Beeson is the victim. Kelsey is going to have a hard time with suspects because Dr. Beeson was not a very likable person. And one of her own staff is the prime suspect. She has a lot on her mind especially with Chase starting to inch his way to her heart. 
How is Kelsey going to narrow the large pool of suspects in time to save her employee? Or is everyone barking up the wrong tree and it was just a terrible accident? 
You will definitely be shocked to find the answers to these questions. I was totally wrong and loved the ending. If this is the first book you pick up in the series you will have no trouble catching up on the characters. They are very likable and down to earth. Book three can't get here quick enough. 
Thank you NetGalley and Midnight Ink for letting me read and review this ARC.

Review by Penny M.

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