Friday 6 February 2015

Audiobook Review: The Coming of Mr Quin by Agatha Christie

On a dark evening, Mr. Harley Quin appears at the door of Royston Hall under the premise that his car has broken down. Once inside, he embarks upon the tragic tale of Royston Hall's former occupants, leading to a dramatic change in the perceptions of the current inhabitants - but has Mr. Quin's revelation come too late?[summary via Audible] 

This is a interesting little story about a murder a suicide that happened sometime ago and Mr Quin flies in one night to solve the mystery. I haven't read many stories featuring Mr Quin and I quite enjoyed watching him untangle this one. I liked the story and also the narration. This was a good one to get me back into the groove of listening to Agatha Christie mysteries on audio.

Check out The Coming of Mr Quin by Agatha Christie at Amazon, Audible.

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