Sunday 6 July 2014

Book Review: Ill-Gotten Panes by Jennifer McAndrews

In her debut series Jennifer McAndrews delivers a stunning mystery, with a flaming red-headed heroine that readers are not going to forget in a hurry...

Georgia Kelly has packed up her life in New York City, complete with a job loss and departing fiance, and is heading home to Wenwood, New York, to live with her grandfather, until she figures life out. In Wenwood she finds a quiet life. That is until a local is killed and the police point their finger at Georgia's grandfather. With Grandy about to be arrested for murder, Georgia and her new friend, Carrie, set about trying to find the real killer.

I love new series and as a reader, I'm lucky in that many new series are published every month for me to try. I instantly warmed to this new sleuth, Georgia Kelly, within the first few pages of Ill-Gotten Panes. She has fiery red uncontrollable hair and her hair certainly matches her personality. In no time at all she's getting herself buried deep within a murder investigation.

In this first mystery we meet Georgia, her grandfather, Grandy, and her new friend, Carrie, who owns a antique store. She enlists Georgia to help her repair a Tiffany lamp, and through this we learn more about Georgia's hobby of stain glass. It's not a hobby that I know much about it and I found it fascinating. Alike to Georgia I use craft as therapy, and I it's nice to read that I'm not the only one. Crafting can be very therapeutical!

The mystery was a great whodunnit. While I did guess early on who the murderer was, it wasn't until the last minute that I had tied everything up together. It was cleverly crafted and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Wenwood was such a delight to visit. Between the locals, Georgia's new companion in the form of a cute, little, white kitten named Friday and the adventure of a murder mystery I had a splendid time with this first mystery and I can't wait to see what Jennifer McAndrews has on offer next.

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