Wednesday 2 August 2023

Death Grip (Angela Richman, Death Investigator Book # 5) by Elaine Viets

Every town has its secrets. Some are too deadly to stay hidden.

Chouteau County's super-rich know how to cover up a scandal, but when it comes to murder, they'd better watch their backs . . . Death investigator Angela Richman is determined to see a killer brought to justice in this sharply written and darkly entertaining mystery set in Missouri, perfect for fans of Lisa Gardner and J.A. Jance.

Angela Richman, Chouteau County death investigator, finds herself deep in the Missouri woods on a perfect spring day. But there is nothing idyllic about her grim walk - a body has been discovered in a muddy creek, and Detective Jace Budewitz wants Angela on the scene.

Terri Gibbons, the popular Forest High track star who went missing eight months ago, has been found strangled. Could a message found in Terri's shoe hold the key to catching her killer? Chouteau Forest is a town of privilege and secrets, where everyone has something to hide . . . Can Angela overcome the many obstacles in her way to see justice served when the Forest's wealthy residents will go to any lengths to prevent the truth being revealed?  (Summary via Goodreads)

Death Grip by Elaine Viets is the fifth book in her Angela Richman, Death Investigator Mystery series and this is one series you will be hooked on immediately !!

Angela Richman is exactly what her title says she is....she is called in when there is a death in the prominent Chouteau County Forest area, whether it is an accidental death or a murder.  And in Death Grip she is called into the deep woods when the body of a missing high school track star is found buried along a creek bed.  Upon futher investigating two other woman's bodies are discovered.  These deaths will drive Angela and Detective Jace Budewitz down a dark road that leads them to a wealthy resident of the Forest that is untouchable.  But when Briggs Bellerive's live in housekeeper is reported missing by her mother and she had written a diary of the way that she was treated by Bellerive, they just have to find her alive and build a case against him.

Unfortunately Angela and Jace are ordered by their bosses to stay away from Bellerive and the case or they could get fired.  Luckily they have Assistant Medical Examiner and Angela's best friend, Katie, on their side so the three meet in Katie's office and secretly work the case and try to obtain evidence and build a case against Bellerive.

The Angela Richman, Death Investigator Mystery series is a slightly dark series but once you start reading one of the books in the series, you are completely drawn in and will want to keep the book open until you get to the end to make sure Angela gets justice for the people she is fighting for.     

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