Tuesday 8 August 2023

Murder A La Mode (Coffee & Cream Cafe Mystery Book # 1) by Lena Gregory

From author Lena Gregory comes a delicious new series that will warm your heart and leave you guessing until the very end...

When twenty-five-year-old Danika Delaney, black sheep of the Delaney clan, returns home to Long Island to take over Jimmie's, her eccentric uncle’s old fashioned malt shop on eastern Long Island, she’s not exactly thrilled. But things start to look up when her uncle tells her she can do whatever she’d like with the shop, and it seems she might realize her dream of a small trendy cafĂ©. That is, until she discovers the body of her ex-boyfriend’s estranged wife in a melted puddle of rocky road in the malt shop basement. With her two sidekicks, her sister and a good childhood friend, in tow, Dani searches for–or stumbles upon—one clue after another. But as she narrows down the suspect list, she realizes if she’s not careful she may end up in a puddle of her own...

What critics are saying about Lena

"Ms. Gregory does an amazing job...her writing style makes every mystery enjoyable."
~Moonlight Rendezvous

"This cozy was fast-paced and I didn’t want to put it down once I started."
~Brooke Blogs

"Author Lena Gregory sure didn’t disappoint. She cooked up tale so tasty I devoured it!"
~Lisa Ks Book Reviews  (Summary via Goodreads)

Murder A La Mode by Lena Gregory is the first book in her new Coffee & Cream Cafe Mystery series and I can tell you right now that this series is going to be a huge success !!!

In Murder A La Mode main character Danika Delaney is moving back home from New York City after her boyfriend dumps her. Luckily Danika has a huge family in her hometown of Watchogue which is a very small town in eastern Long Island.  As soon as Danika moves back into her old bedroom in her famiy house, she is going to be taking over her Uncle Jimmie's ice cream shop so he can retire.  It's something that happens in the family....her younger sister Meghan is managing their Aunt Flo's shop.  The difference is that Meghan loves it and Danika had bigger dreams for herself.  

And before Danika can adjust to moving back home she runs into her ex-boyfriend Luca who broke her heart on prom night by kissing their classmate Heather who he eventually married !!  So Danika runs into Luca in the shop and when she leaves, he grabs her wrist to stop her only to have his soon to be ex-wife, Heather walk in and get hysterical !!  And if that isn't the worst.....when Danika and Meghan are checking out the shop and getting ideas on how to make it more Danika's style, they find Heather dead in the basement !!

Even though Danika has been away for seven years it doesn't stop the rumor mill from generating a lot of rumors involving Luca, Heather and herself. So Danika teams up with her old best friend from high school, Gwen, and they begin their own investigation into Heather's dead......even though the hot detective on the case warns her off of it.

Danika and Gwen have no idea that by looking into Heather's death they will be uncovering secrets involving a classmate that went missing right before graduation.  Danika cannot stop investigating if she ever wants to walk in that basement again and turn Jimmie's into her own successful creation.

Readers are going to fall in LOVE with Murder A La Mode and will watch for the next book to be released in the Coffee & Cream Mystery Cafe series and grab it as soon as possible.  You are going to want to keep an eye on what Danika will do with the shop and if her and Luca can move forward in their relationship or is she going to make a move on the hot detective......


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  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I'm so happy you enjoyed Murder a la Mode!