Wednesday 16 August 2023

Cookies, Chamomile, and Corpses (A Cookies & Chance Mysteries novella) by Catherine Bruns

From USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bruns comes a delicious mystery novella...

After her disastrous marriage comes to an end, Sally Muccio decides that she's unlucky in love and returns home with hopes to start a novelty cookie shop. There’s only one thing stopping her—money.

Sal's loveable and all-knowing grandmother agrees to help with the financial situation if Sal will do her one small favor—find out who killed her sister, Luisa. The police have already deemed Luisa's death an accident, but Grandma Rosa is unconvinced since a valuable family teapot has disappeared as well.

Together with her best friend, Sal sets out to discover the truth. But trouble is brewing, and the hunt to find a killer might bring everything crumbling around her.

Includes a recipe for delicious tea biscuits!

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This work was previously published in the Killer Beach Reads collection.

What critics are

"A fantastic cozy mystery!"
—InD'Tale Magazine

"I want to visit more with all of the quirky characters just to see what crazy and outrageous things they will do next!"
—Fresh Fiction

"The Cookies and Chance Mystery series is more than just a's a family !! Once you read the first book, you are hooked and feel like a member of the crazy Muccio family."
—Cozy Mystery Book Reviews  (Summary via Goodreads)

It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of the Cookies & Chance Mystery series by Catherine Bruns and I will read anything written in this series....even a short story, novella, that explains why main character Sally Muccio returns to her hometown and how she begins her bakery business with her best friend Josie....with the help of her Grandma Rosa.

Cookies, Chamomile, and Corpses provides the readers with how the series actually begins.  Sally returns home, after leaving and divorcing her husband Colin, and looks at a business with an apartment upstairs.  The business used to be a Chinese restaurant until the owner died and the children don't want to continue it.  Sally's Grandma Rosa, whose sister recently died says that she will give Sally money to help her start the business but she would like her to solve her sister's murder.  Even though Luisa's death was ruled a heart attack, Rosa doesn't believe it.  

So Sally, with help from her little sister, Gianna, and Josie, look into the murder.  She also finds out that an expensive teapot antique is missing and it was the source of many arguments between Rosa and Luisa.  Everyone things that it is Luisa's step-son, Lorenzo, who killed her and stole the teapot......until it is located and the person who stole it is revealed.

Readers will LOVE this novella and will enjoy seeing how the series all began....even though Sally's future husband, Mike, isn't it this one.  At least he is mentioned.  And Bruns makes you fall in love with everyone in this little story as well as all the other books in the series.   Cookies, Chamomile, and Corpses is a very quick read.....once you start reading, you will not want to stop !!!!

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