Sunday 30 July 2023

Mischief Nights are Murder (A Poppy McAllister Mystery Book # 8) by Libby Klein

Gluten-free baker Poppy McAllister and her aunt Ginny were prepared for some pranks as the annual Mischief Night approached. But they weren’t prepared for a murder at their B&B . . .

Poppy is none too pleased when her B&B is coerced into participating in the Cape May Haunted Dinners Tour during Halloween season. Though her knack for finding dead bodies has given the place a spooky reputation, the Murder House is a completely undeserved nickname. At least it used to be . . .

While Poppy wrangles with some guests who can’t stop squabbling with each other—including a paranormal researcher, a very quirky pet psychic who freaks out her portly Persian, and an undercover tabloid reporter eager to catch her staff in a lie—one of them winds up facedown in a plate of tiramisu. And now she has bigger worries than getting her house TP’d . . .  (Summary via Goodreads)

Usually after reading a book I have no problem sitting down to write a review of my thoughts.  However after reading Mischief Nights are Murder, author Libby Klein has me flabbergasted and completely speechless.  I have read the previous seven books in her Poppy McAllister Mystery series and have never had a problem writing up my thoughts.....until book eight !!

With Mischief Nights are Murder being the eighth book in this series and having read all the books in the series so far you can say that I am quite familiar with the storylines and the characters so you would think it would be like writing a letter to a friend or family member about my town and friends and the goings on within ....... but Klein is a master in her field and continues to stump me.

In Mischief Nights are Murder main character Poppy and her Aunt Ginny are getting ready for Halloween at their Bed and Breakfast in Cape May.  And this Halloween their Bed and Breakfast, The Butterfly House, will be participating in the Cape May Haunted Dinner Tour.  And if that isn't bad enough Poppy's boyfriend Gia's mother breaks her hip and her restaurant, Mia Famiglia, cannot function without a worthy chef.  So even though Poppy is spread pretty thin with running the B&B, keeping track of her aunt and her group of crazy old ladies, working the Haunted Dinner Tour and baking for Gia's coffeeshop, she grabs an apron and crosses enemy lines and helps out in the kitchen at Mia Familia.

Unfortunately at her first night of the Haunted Dinner Tour in her B&B, one of the guests dies during the dinner and once again Poppy is trying to figure out who the killer is when it is determined that he was poisoned.  Unfortunately everyone at the dinner, including Poppy's new employee, Kenny, seems to be hiding something and no one is willing to talk to Poppy and help her uncover the killer.

Readers will be on the edge of their seats reading this latest installment in this amazing series.  There is nothing in this series that readers won't will want to be immediate friends with Poppy and want to hang out with her every day, murder or not.  Cape May will be a town you will want to vacation in or even live in and the businesses and shops will pull you and your money in....if it were all real.  Sadly they are not but luckily you can open one of the books in the series and you are immediately there !!!

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