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R.I.P. in Reykjavik (A Traveler Cozy Mystery #2) by A.R. Kennedy

R.I.P. in Reykjavik (The Traveler Cozy Mystery #2)

Traveling with your family can be murder.
One wedding party + one estranged mother = another vacation that goes array for Naomi.

Naomi is off on another international vacation. She thinks traveling with her mother will be the most difficult part of her trip until she meets the rest of the tour group—a wedding party. It only gets worse when she finds the groom dead. Everyone’s a suspect on her Icelandic tour of this stunning country.  (Summary via Goodreads)

The Traveler Cozy Mystery series by A. R. Kennedy is a very unique series.  In this series the main character Naomi is on vacation and someone dies and she spends the rest of her vacation trying to solve the murder.  In the first book in the series, Sleuth on Safari, Naomi and her sister go on an African safari and another guest at the hotel dies and right before the trip ends Naomi figures out who the killer is.  Now in the second book in this series, R.I.P. in Reykjavik Naomi and her mother are going to Iceland......

One thing you would have learned when reading the first book in this series is that Naomi and her sister didn't have a great relationship because when their parents got divorced when they were kids, Naomi went with their father and her brother and sister stayed with their mother.  That also means that Naomi doesn't have a great relationship with her mother either.  But we know that Naomi will still do whatever she can to enjoy the trip....after all she spent a lot of money on it.

This Iceland trip is like the safari trip as there is an itinerary to follow and a tour guide to take them around to the sites.  And they are in with a group of other vacationers.  The group that is with Naomi and her mother are the members of a wedding party consisting of the new bride and groom, their maid of honor and best man and the parents of the bride.  You would think with a group like that everyone would be happy and festive !!!  Unfortunately when the group goes on their first adventure which is a snorkeling experience, not dangerous at all, the groom does not come out of the water alive.  And there are a lot of secrets within this group !!!

Naomi instantly begins to wonder how a young, healthy looking male can die from snorkeling.  He didn't look to be having any trouble, just laid in the water and never got up.  She immediately starts to look at everyone in the group, tour guide included, as being guilty.  She even calls her sister back in the States on a regular basis asking medical questions.  And when she drags her mother into her crazy investigation, it might just be what brings them closer together.

Readers know that they will be taken on an adventure when they open up one of these books in this series by A.R. Kennedy and they don't have to worry about packing, traveling, or having to put up with a family member.  Readers also know that they will enjoy reading how Naomi figures out the case and has her moment of clarity at the absolute right moment !!  

I highly recommend reading this series and cannot wait until the third book in this series.......Naomi is going to Austrialia..... I can't wait to see who her roommate will be this time !!!  Her father ? Her brother ?  It really does't matter who it is as long as they aren't the murderer !!!!

Review by Missi M.

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