Monday 11 July 2016

The Last To Remember (Sharyn Howard Mystery #3) by Joyce Lavene, Jim Lavene

On one of the stormiest, busiest night of the year, a prominent businessman stumbles into the sheriff's office, confessing to a 40-year-old murder. Just a few hours later he's found hanging from the ceiling of the conference room. The district attorney is soon on the warpath and all the clues point to one man.
Sheriff Sharyn Howard begins to search for the key to unlock a secret shared by three men for forty years. A district court judge, a prominent businessman, and her own deputy, Ernie Watkins, believe that they were responsible for a child's death at the old Jefferson Training School for Boys when they were just teenagers.
But now someone is after all the men, and it's up to Sheriff Howard to unravel 40 years of cover-ups, blackmail, lies, and guilt. But with so many suspects and such little time, can she find the real killer before an innocent man is convicted of murder or before the real killer can stalk and kill his prey?  (Summary via Goodreads)

I am a HUGE fan of Joyce and Jim Lavene and I love the Sharyn Howard Mysteries series.  The third book, The Last To Remember, is awesome !!  (Like there was any doubt)
Sharyn Howard is the Sheriff in Diamond Springs and to say her job is rough is a major understatement.  The Last to Remember finds the Sheriff dealing with a 40 year old murder.  On the evening of a blizzard, remains of a young boy are found at the chapel of the old Boy's Training School.  Prominent businessman Beau Richmond comes into the station at the heart of the blizzard to confess to the crime.  Unfortunately before the Sheriff can find out more, Beau is found hanging in the conference room as what is thought to be a confession / suicide.  Beau left a note also stating that Walter Hamilton, a very respected Judge, played a part in the murder.  
As Sharyn and her deputies investigate they learn that Richmond was murdered....but by who ?  And in the Sheriff's office ?  The ADA Alan Michaelson is all over the Sheriff and her department to solve this case quickly !!  But when their prime suspect ends up with near death experiences, they are left out in the cold.....
I love everything about this series.  I enjoy the "relationship" between the Sheriff and the attractive medical examiner Nick.  The Sheriff has a strained relationship with her mother that most can relate to during some time in their life.  The dedicated deputies and Judy who mans the reception desk are every day people that again are relateable.
If you haven't started reading this series, all I can say is.... Why not ??

Review by Missi S.

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