Tuesday 5 July 2016

Devonshire Scream (A Tea Shop Mystery #17) by Laura Childs

Devonshire Scream (A Tea Shop Mystery #17)

The New York Times bestselling author of Ming Tea Murder serves up heists, homicides, and herbal blends in the latest in the Tea Shop mysteries.

Catering a high-class trunk show at Heart's Desire Jewelry is a shining achievement for Theodosia and the Indigo Tea Shop. After all, a slew of jewelers, museums, and private collectors will be there to showcase their wares and sip some of Theo's best blends. But just as Theo settles in to enjoy the fruits of her labor, the party is crashed by a gang of masked muggers who rob the precious gems and jewels on display. The thieves disappear almost as quickly as they arrived, leaving shattered glass, scattered gemstones, and a dead body in their wake. 

Although the last thing Theo wants is to get involved, she can't help but intercede when her dear friend Brooke, aunt of the victim and owner of Heart's Desire, begs for help in figuring out who committed the brutal burglary. Though the FBI believes this daring "smash and grab" is the work of an international gang of jewel thieves, Theo is convinced that the felon is someone much closer to home...  (Summary via Goodreads)

This was the first book of Laura Child's that I have had the pleasure of reading.  I am now a fan and look forward to reading more of her books !!

Even though this was the first book that I read in the Tea Shop Mystery series, it could have been the first in a series.  Devonshire Scream is the 17th book in the series and I was skeptical about reading it this far into the series.  But once I started reading it, I realized that I was wrong to think that.

Theodosia owns the Indigo Tea Shop which even if you are not a tea drinker they will find a tea you will like !  Haley and Drayton work at the Tea Shop and they are most adorable !!  Not to mention all of the people and friends that visit the shop and attend the special tea parties !!  I loved the way that Child's describes it all so that you feel that you are right there in the room.  I had the pleasure of attending a Mother's Day Tea years ago and it was nothing like one of Theo's Teas.

But tea isn't the only thing brewing in Devonshire Scream.  While attending a Jewelry Extravaganza at her friend Brooke's store, Heart's Desire, a smash and grab occurs.  A vehicle crashes into the store where a group of theives grab all of the jewelry in a matter of minutes leaving behind injured patrons, broken glass every where and Brooke's niece dead with a piece of glass in her neck.

While Brooke deals with the loss of her niece and store, Theo with the reluctant help of Drayton deal with trying to solve the case.  Although Theo has a nice list of suspects who she feels could have been a part of the "gang" of theives, you will be SHOCKED when the leader of the group is captured ! !

Who will solve the case first ?  Theo and Drayton, local Detective Tidwell, or the FBI's agents that were brought into town ??

I look forward to reading more books by Child's and hope you do also ! ! !

Review by Missi S.

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  1. I didn't realize she had a new book out!!! I LOVE her books!!! Thank you so much!!! Have you ever considered putting a goodreads link on your page so we can add books to our TBR list as you review them????