Sunday 7 February 2016

Gone by Midnight and Other Stories by Joyce Lavene & Jim Lavene

Fans of Joyce and Jim Lavene will thrill at this collection of thirteen short stories—many are set in the worlds of their national bestselling mystery series, including the Missing Pieces Mysteries, the Renaissance Faire Mysteries, the Retired Witches Mysteries, and an upcoming mystery novel! 
These stories contain the elements of mystery and fantasy the Lavenes are famous for, as well as some new things their readers have never seen. Several stories feature characters interacting with ghosts, magic, and the supernatural—the healing woman in “Courtship;” the Civil War widow in “One with the Darkness;” the city girl who summons a wizard from the past in “The Magician and the Sorceress/Accountant;” and the young introvert in “Aunt Edna” who finds her calling with help from a ghostly visitor. 
Poignant, charming, and captivating, Joyce and Jim Lavene bring their characteristic wit and heart to these stories and introduce each one with a passage about its origin or how it ties into the universe they’ve created. Gone by Midnight is a treasury of tales that will delight the mind and touch the heart from one of the most prolific writing duos of our time.  (Summary via Amazon)

If you are not familiar with the extremely talented writing duo of Joyce and Jim Lavene, Gone By Midnight is the perfect book for you.  The Lavene's write a lot of books with an array of topics and subjects.  There are so many to choice from that any reader will find a story they enjoy. Here is a collection of short stories that will help narrow down the choices.....or you may end up like me and enjoy ALL of them.

I don't think that there is any topic the Lavene's could write about, that wouldn't be captivating to the reader.  

If you already are a fan of the Lavene's you know what I am talking about.  I know you will enjoy these short stoires as a quick fix to get your through until you pick up the next Lavene book and continue on an amazing journey ......

Review by Missi S.

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