Thursday 11 February 2016

A Disguise to Die For (Costume Shop Mystery #1) by Diane Vallere

A Disguise to Die For (Costume Shop Mystery #1)

No sooner does former magician’s assistant Margo Tamblyn return home to Proper City, Nevada, to run Disguise DeLimit, the family-owned costume shop, than she gets her first big order. Wealthy nuisance Blitz Manners needs forty costumes for a detective-themed birthday bash. As for Blitz himself, his Sherlock Holmes is to-die-for—literally—when, in the middle of the festivities, Margo’s friend and party planner Ebony Welles is caught brandishing a bloody carving knife over a very dead Blitz. 
For Margo, clearing Ebony’s name is anything but elementary, especially after Ebony flees town. Now Margo is left to play real-life detective in a town full of masked motives, cloaked secrets, and veiled vendettas. But as she soon learns, even a killer disguise can't hide a murderer in plain sight for long.  (Summary via Goodreads)

OMG !!!!  I could not wait to finish this that I could tell you about it !!!  This book was blow me out of the water, shoot me to the moon and back AWESOME !!!

A Disguise to Die For is the first book in the new Costume Shop Mystery series by Diane Vallere and WOW does she know how to get the party started !!!  5 stars is not enough, 10 stars doesn't even do it....

Not only was there a murder which we all read cozy mysteries for, there was also the small town enviroment, there was even a dog and cat but what made it so fun to read was the shop it was centered around and the main character Margo.

Margo grew up in the costume shop, Disguise DeLimit, which is owned by her father.  Her mother died while giving birth to her so she was raised by her father and a long-time family friend, Ebony.  So when Ebony is standing over the body of a spoiled rich kid holding a knife, Margo jumps into gear to try to save Ebony and her innocence.  But Margo doesn't know how much time she has, she is only back in town temporarily to help her dad. 

As Margo starts looking in the case she finds out not everything is as it seems in this little town of Proper City.   She doesn't know who she can trust or believe.  As she finds clues and talks to people, she doesn't know where to turn or who to turn to. 

You will LOVE this book.  Margo is such a fun character, growing up in a costume store has made it hard for her to find her own identity so she dresses in costume every day and becomes the character.  She plays dress up every cool is that ??  Also she took a leave of absence from her job in Vegas as a magician's assistant, she drives a scooter and owns a cat.  

I usually don't read whats coming next at the end of the books.  But with this book I broke that rule.  I read the first couple pages of Book 2 in this series, Masking For Trouble and I am hooked !!!  I cannot wait for Masking For Trouble's release to see what is in store for Margo....

Review by Missi S.


  1. I want to read this one now 😊 Great review Missi

  2. Sounds like a awesome read. I have this book on my TBR list. :)