Sunday 7 February 2016

Edgar Allan Cozy: Wicked Short Stories by Sheila Connolly, Sherry Harris, Sadie Hartwell, Edith Maxwell, & Barbara Ross

When cozy mystery writers meet Edgar Allan Poe, the result is Edgar Allan Cozy. Each story in this suspenseful new anthology is inspired by the work of Poe. "The Raven," "The Lighthouse," "MS. Found in a Bottle," "The Tell-Tale Heart," "The Cask of Amontillado," and "Annabel Lee" have been updated and set in the fictional town of Raven Harbor, Maine. Edited by Sadie Hartwell.  (Summary via Amazon)

If you have a little time on your hands and are looking for a very entertaining story, Edgar Allan Cozy is the book you want to pick up.  The way the talented cozy writers put a spin on some of Edgar Allan Poe's stories and poems is such a treat !!

These stories are written in such a way that you will breeze through them.  But not before you laugh, get scared, get your heart racing and feel sympathetic. 

I, personally, am not a fan of poems but the way that Barbara Ross (Raven) and Sherry Harris (Anna, Belle, and Lee) write their cozy interpretations of Edgar Allan Poe's work is just amazing.  

Harris also show her talent with her interpretation of The Lighthouse which is remarkable as Poe's writing was only 3 diaries entries leaving more of a mystery.  Three diaries entries and she writes a short story out of it which is very cativating.  

Then in Found in a Bottle Sheila Connolly takes us through a hard time between a young couple.  Although it is a sad, dark, depressing setting, you are more focused on what the gentlemen is experiencing and .... seeing or not seeing ?

As you may know I am partial to Edith Maxwell's work and she does not disappoint in her modern day interpretation of The Tell Tale Heart with An Intolerable Intrusion.  I think for a minute I was actually hearing the noise described in the story.

And the twist that Sadie Hartwell writes in Within These Walls will blow the windows out !!  You will be so focused on one thing in the story that when you read the twist you may realize that you are holding your breath.....

I read this collection of short stories within an hour.....but I intend to read them again.  Hopefully a little slower but I cannot promise that.  Once you start reading you find yourself undet a wicked cozy spell that only breaks when you finish the book....or does it ????  Did you hear that ???  

To learn more about these amazing authors check out their website.....


  1. So pleased you liked the collection, Missi!

  2. Thanks so much for reading Edgar Allan Cozy and taking the time to review it!