Tuesday 17 March 2015

Book Review: Horse of a Different Killer by Laura Morrigan

Grace Wilde is an animal behaviorist with a special skill. She has the psychic ability to hear animals thoughts. However this skill doesn't carry over to hearing human thoughts, just animals. Being able to hear human thoughts would be mighty handy for Grace, especially as she's investigating a murder. That is the murder of her sister's abusive ex-husband, and the police have arrested Grace and are accusing her of murder!! In an attempt to clear her sister's name, Grace ends up hot on the trail of not just a killer, but also a missing horse. This is one mystery that is going to take all of Grace's sleuthing skills and psychic ability to solve.

One of my biggest reasons for enjoying this series, besides my natural love of cozy mysteries, is that I really like reading about Grace's abilities. I'm a huge animal lover, and growing up I always wished I could understand my pets. As a kid I thought it would be really fun. Now as an adult, and the human servant to three felines, I'm not sure I want to know what they are thinking about!! However, it's Grace's abilities as a animal psychic that makes this series different to all the cozy mysteries released every month, and I really enjoy this aspect.

I enjoyed the mystery aspect of Horse of a Different Killer, and I had a hard time untangling the clues that were laid about by Laura Morrigan for Grace (and myself too!) to solve. This was definitely a mystery that kept me guessing right until the end.

This series is such a perfect fit for me, with my love of animals and mysteries alike, and I think many animal lovers and readers will simply fall head over heels for it. When a mystery starts with a cute, cuddly koala that Grace is trying to rescue, the cute factor is at a all-time high and you know it can only get better!

If you haven't read it yet, pick up the first book in the series, Woof at the Door.

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