Monday 30 March 2015

Audiobook Review: Final Catcall by Sofie Kelly

In the fifth installment of the Magical Cat Mysteries, kitties Hercules and Owen are helping their owner and librarian, Kathleen Paulson, unravel another mystery. When a theater troupe relocates to Mayville Heights, Minnesota, the locals are looking forward to a performance of Yesterday's Child. However, rumor has it that the production is cursed. The rumors may actually be close to the truth, especially when Kathleen discovers the director has been murdered. With her mom in town to step in as director, and her ex-boyfriend surprising Kathleen with a visit, the last thing Kathleen needs to do is solve another murder. Especially as police officer, Marcus, is still upset at her involvement in the previous murder cases, however Hercules and Owen are scenting out clues and Kathleen has her nose on the case as well.

A long-running cozy mystery series needs to bring something special to each book. While it is the small town and murder that binds each novel, there must be something special about the characters and hidden surprises that keeps readers interested. Sofie Kelly achieves this with her Magical Cats mysteries. In each novel she creates a interesting whodunnit for readers to solve, but it is her characters (and cats!) that have readers coming back for more.

At the end of Cat Trick readers see a separation between Marcus and Kathleen. Marcus believes that Kathleen doesn't trust him, and Kathleen will do anything to protect her friends. I find the turn that Sofie Kelly has taken their relationship very realistic. With a police officer and amateur sleuth dating there certainly has to be give and take. I know that I'm not sure how I would take it if my spouse nosed around in my job everyday! I like that Sofie Kelly is taking these characters through the many turns of the road that make up relationships, and I was eager to see if they could solve their differences.

Of course the cats are back! I love Hercules and Owen so much. They are very much like my cats in their little antics. Although my cats can't walk through walls like Hercules or disappear like Owen. Even so, many pet owners will find they can relate their own cats to the always mischievous and fun Hercules and Owen.

Kathleen's mom makes a visit to Mayville Heights to replace the murdered director, and it was interesting having her in town and watching the mother and daughter relationship. Her mom is not conventional, but definitely a delight. 

I could write 100 pages on how wonderful these characters are! This series is full of small town charm, and the characters are charming as well, but also real. Kathleen and her friends have formed a solid friendship, and the kind that when found is something to treasure. Together there is nothing that they can't overcome.

I'm looking forward to taking another visit with these characters in A Midwinter's Tail and seeing what murder and mayhem is to follow.

I listened to Final Catcall as an audiobook and it was narrated by Cassandra Campbell. Cassandra Campbell is a seasoned narrator and I've listened to her quite a bit. She narrates everything from popular literary fiction to science fiction and always brings a flawless narration. I really enjoyed listening to Final Catcall. She narrates the characters perfectly, including Hercules' little meows! I plan to keep listening on audio to this series.

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