Wednesday 18 March 2015

Audiobook Review: Steeped in Evil by Laura Childs

It's time for another visit to my favorite tea shop in the fictional world... the Indigo Tea Shop. In Theodosia's latest adventure she is spending some time away from the tea shop, at a wine tasting. A local winery, Knighthall Winery, is owned by Jordan Knight, a friend of Drayton Conneley, Theodosia's co-worker and fellow tea expert. When disaster strikes on the night of the tasting, with Jordan's son being killed in a most gruesome way, Drayton and Jordan beg Theodosia to step in and find a killer. With a Downtown Abbey Tea to plan, a tea shop to run and catch a killer, Drayton and Theodosia find themselves very busy!! Will they be too busy to catch a killer before he/she strikes again?

I am absolutely head over heels smitten with the Indigo Tea Shop and Drayton and Theodosia. Laura Childs writes engaging, compelling mysteries, but it's her characters that make her stand out above the crowd. I love how Drayton and Theodosia fit together as friends and co-workers. There is not a love angle between them, they are great friends and they fit together. Drayton can be quite stuffy and Theodosia is more fun, and they make a great pair to solve a crime!

The actual mystery was very intriguing. It starts with quite a gruesome killing, with Drew Knight being found dead in a barrel of wine!! The path to find the murderer is a tangled web of local and even international intrigue, that leaves Drayton and Theodosia running about town to solve it before the killer strikes again! I was kept on my toes, willing the audiobook to read faster and faster, so I could find out what happens!!

I listened to Steeped in Evil as an audiobook and I have to say that Barbara McCulloch has won me over on listening to future installments as audios. This is my second audiobook in the series and I really enjoy her narration. She builds on the characters that Laura Childs has created, and it's a joy to listen on audio. I listened with a cup of tea at my side, and knitting needles clicking away, and I had a fabulous time enjoying the latest Tea Shop Mystery.

The Tea Shop Mysteries are interesting and timeless mysteries.If you haven't picked this series up yet, I highly recommend giving them a read or a listen.

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  1. This book sounds good!! I've never read Laura Child's books. I would love to win an audio book!! Thanks!!
    Kathy Meik

  2. This book sounds great. Thank you for the chance.