Friday 4 July 2014

Book Review: Silence of the Lamb's Wool by Betty Hechtman

Casey Feldstein has her hands full yet again with baking, yarning and solving a murder. Casey is continuing on with yarn retreat business she inherited. While she didn't begin as a knitter nor crocheter she's learning more about yarn and enjoying the retreats. This new retreat will be fantastic as she plans to even include sheep shearing and spinning!! However when the retreat's teacher is found dead, and the death is declared a suicide, the retreat looks like it might just fall apart. It's up to Casey to pick up the pieces and solve the crime. With Casey at the helm it's going to be one yarn retreat no-one will forget.

I love to crochet so early on I picked up Betty Hechtman's crochet series and instantly became a fan for life! I like the way she weaves elements of crafting with the mystery so seemlessly. I always finish one of her mysteries satisfied that I've not only enjoyed the mystery but picked up for a tips for the crafter in me too!!
In this new series Casey is as beginner of a knitter as you can get. She doesn't even have a yarn stash (yet!)! She is enjoying running the retreats and learning along the way. She also has a insatiable curiousity! Part of the reason I enjoy following Casey's adventures is because I really like reading about each retreater's journey into knitting and crochet. They are all at different skill sets and through the story I almost feel like I'm right there, alongside them, taking part in the projects and building friendships in only a way that yarn can.

Yarning aside, Betty Hechtman delivers a delightful mystery in this latest instalment. What first appears to be suicide, clearly is murder and I enjoyed watching Casey put her "detective shoes" on and solve the crime. Fans of Betty Hectman's earlier mysteries won't be disappointed with this one. In my opinion, it's one of her best and I'm looking forward to seeing where she takes Casey and her friends next.

If you haven't read this series yet I highly recommend giving it a go. The mystery will delight you and afterwards you'll be itching to start a knitting or crochet project of your own!

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