Friday 4 July 2014

Book Review: Cozy Food, edited by Nancy Lynn Jarvis

If you are a cozy reader (and especially those of the culinary variety) then you know how delectable those recipes at the end of the mystery are. Almost every culinary cozy mystery I buy I end up trying out the recipes at the back. It’s the perfect way to make the mystery last just a little bit longer. Well Nancy Lynn Jarvis has helped fans of those recipes and compiled an awesome cookbook with lots of cozy mystery recipe goodness!!

With a star studded list of contributing authors this cookbook has everything from main courses and desserts, with over 220 recipes! Each recipes contains an introduction to the author and their books, followed by a mouth-watering recipe. I’ve already wowed my family with several recipes, including Jenna Bennett’s “whoopee pies” and Annie Knox’s “Hot Grudge Sundae Cake with Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce”!

If you buy one recipe book this year make it Cozy Food. After I finished browsing the recipes I was pleased to see that Nancy Lynn Jarvis includes the Cozy Mystery Author’s Biographies, and includes book lists. I will definitely be checking out all the books by these authors. I’m pretty sure there is enough cooking and reading to last me a full year!

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